Friday, May 30, 2014

Obama Defends His Foreign Policy???

Don't get too excited folks. He's defending himself against that portion of humanity who think he's been too restrained. Too meek and mild.

Yep. He's defending himself against the Sean Hannity/Bill Kristol/Dick Cheney school of chickenhawks. The people who are so completely delusional that they think the invasion of Iraq was a success! They call Obama, he of murderous drone-strikes across the Middle East, he of troop surges in Afghanistan, he who tried to negotiate an extension of the presence of US troops in Iraq after bush II's negotiated withdrawl date, he of the coup in Honduras and several attempted coups in the rest of Latin America, he of the regime-change in Libya, he of the cynical financing and support for fundamentalist mercenaries in Syria, he of the coup and sabre-rattling in the Ukraine, ... they call him "Obambi."

It's not just people like us who are being treated as if we're of no account, with Obama apologizing to his delusional shit-head critics, rather than the humanitarians and otherwise sane people. The vast majority of people in the United States agree with us and not with Hannity, Kristol and Cheney. This craven idiocy just shows how unimportant the vast majority of the American people are in Obama's eyes. If Obama wanted to, he could face-down his idiot detractors in no uncertain terms and tell them that their war-mongering is over. That they can drag their asses to the front-lines themselves if they're so eager that Americans fight and die for stupid, cynical causes. But Obama doesn't want to. Despite the different tone of the rhetoric, there is no difference in the reality of US foreign policy. None whatsoever.

The point is to have Republican "hawks" bang on their chests and talk like idiots, while Democratic "doves" speak of moderation and restraint, in order to project the illusion that there is a debate when there isn't one. Also, by treating the genuine peace as if it doesn't exist, even when the majority of the American people are on their side, Obama deftly performs the Orwellian trick of thought control. How can you mobilize around something that doesn't exist? If the Democratic Party is the only option you have for "moderation" and "restraint" it's pointless to even think about an alternative.

It seems to me that the imperialist community in the USA is becoming more isolated, more disconnected from reality with every passing year. But, given the zero effectiveness of the opposition and the negligible impact of the will of the majority, this simply doesn't matter. The Democrats and Republicans would have their ridiculous, and ridiculously expensive electoral contests fighting over a mere 30% of the eligible voters, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh could have audiences reduced to the tens of thousands, Bill Kristol's magazines and books could be sent out free to right-wing subscribors who never read them, and US capitalism would subsidize it all to make it seem like there was a genuine debate between the only possible alternatives.

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