Friday, May 16, 2014

Watch this documentary on Sartre if you want to ...

If you do, you can apply it to your time living under harperino!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to, this week-end.

Anonymous said...

It was interesting.
I like that he worked with the students during the May /68 uprising,
which was illegal to do. The police brutality shocked the nation.

His idea of 'freedom in any circumstance', reminded me of an
article by Chris Hedges entitled Sublime Madness. The African people- captured, stolen, and brought here as slaves- have it.
The hymn Swing Low Sweet Chariot, was given in a vision to an African man, while he was picking cotton. (I learned that from a Johnny Cash song! :)
It got them over the beatings, the dogs, the hoses, the nooses, fires and kidnappings. Mass arrests and total hate and disrespect at every turn.

Now, I know what that life-long 'nausea' I have, is- angst!

Thanks, thwap.