Sunday, May 25, 2014

People Invested in the System

How is it supposed to work?

"I know you worry about having a job and feeding your kids, and that you're able to do that the way things stand now, but I want you to join me in destroying the system, and to trust in some vague collection of generalities that you'll somehow be better off afterwards?"

The fact of the matter is that Canada is a rich country and many people are doing okay. Less and less people are doing okay with each passing year of neoliberalism, and our values are fucked-up and delusional, and etc., ... but we need to face facts: We need lots of boring, non-radical people on our side to achieve real change, and we're not going to get them on our side with radical rhetoric.


Anonymous said...

I'm confused. What "system" are you talking about here?

thwap said...

The system by which people earn their daily bread?

The system, in all its monstrosity, of finance, oil, militarism, profit.

WE know it's terrible, but lots of people only know that this is the way the world works and that's how they keep a roof over their heads.

Read this blog and you'll see that I think major changes are needed, but I've never believed that some asinine call to "SMASH THE STATE!" is going to give us the numbers we need.