Thursday, May 8, 2014

What Does thwap Look Like?

Some of the names that have been tossed around over the years ...

David Spade

Dave Navarro
Tom Cruise
Luke Wilson

Steve Perry
Malcolm Young


Mike Scott ("The Waterboys")

Jeff Beck
Todd Rundgren


Omar said...

Let us all hope to Hell Thwap isn't still wearing his hair like Steve Perry!

thwap said...

I never had the whole Farrah Fawcett thing. But it was long.

Now it veers between some non-descript short, or that David Spade picture.

But it's all gray.

Omar said...

Back when Michael Keaton made his big splash with 'Mr Mom' I used to get told I looked like him a lot. As Keaton's name wasn't really all that well known at the time it was usually "you know who you look like? Mr Mom!" We are around the same age and I guess I could see the resemblance, but today no one is saying I look like him in middle age.

thwap said...

Maybe he'll have a comeback and it'll start again.

When I was working out, people said that I resembled Viggo Mortensen's "Aragorn" character.

I kept a close eye on Mortensen's film choices after that. Thinking I could get the chicks for looking like his shorter, homelier brother.

Anonymous said...

You'll always look like
Tad Hamilton, to me.
I described myself to LFR, once.
Shorter men like me. (I'm tall.)

I have to leave for six months.
Bye, thwap.

thwap said...

Well, I'm from Hamilton. But I get it.

I dated a woman, 5'10" tall. it didn't work out.

Some other woman, about my age, pointed to a Ryan Gosling movie poster and said I looked like him. I honestly don't see these things.

The last thing though, ... the one that keeps me up at night. This nice looking, taller woman, a little older than me, was admiring my "silver" hair. It bespoke of experience she said.

It occurred to me hours later that she might have been flirting with me. But since she was taller than me I never imagined at the time that it was more than just some idle talk.

Pity. She looked like she had money too. I might have been a kept man right now.

Aloha wherever you're going.