Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Mental Incapacities of the harpercon Base

Yesterday, Owen at Northern Reflections riffed off of this Michael Harris editorial wherein Mr. Harris put harper's idiotic attack on Chief Justice MacLachin into context. Together with all his other brazen assaults on Canada's institutions and values, it's just another indication that stephen harper hates democracy and he hates Canada. (Harris uses more words and argument obviously, but that's the gist of it.)

In the comments section, I noticed a couple of harpercon trolls doing what they do best: Ad hominem attacks on Harris and argument-free cheerleading for their lord and master stephen harper. One imbecile "maryanne" was very busy, writing different versions of "I love stephen and I hate the haters" after another.

It's just like the total shit-headed harper cheerleaders commenting at Saskboy's blog. They affect the tone of one with greater intelligence, dismissing the ravings of their adversaries, but you notice they never say anything of substance. They never address the reality of what their hero is doing. They're like pre-adolescents, pantomiming adult conversations.

The sad fact is that if they were smart enough to recognize stephen harper for the abomination that he is, they wouldn't be typing their cretinisms on the internet in the first place. These are the lowest of the low, inspired by god-knows-what, to do whatever it takes to foist their delusions and bigotries on all of us.

My own MP, John Carmichael, is one such dullard. Watch one of his YouTube videos of his performances in the House of Commons and you're treated to an essentially brain-dead individual, farting on cue, and smiling like the idiot he is when he thinks he got it right.


Anonymous said...

Drunk again thwap?

Haha, do you beat your wife when you get boozed-up?

Or do you use the sauce to deal with your "pain" oh boo hoo.

Oh well I am sure you will drink yourself into the grave sooner or later, hahha

Anonymous said...

Dullard huh? Well, I'll see you're carmichael and raise you a calandra!
Top that! ;-)

thwap said...

Anonymous 1,

Do we have a history?

Anyway, do you want to know why I published your comment?

Because it's the perfect example of the sort of pathetic bullshit that passes for "conservative" response to criticism. That's why!

Recently I watched Jon Stewart mock Sean Hannity for defending Cliven Bundy's disregard for laws he doesn't feel like obeying. Stewart showed several clips of Hannity browbeating others about their selective respect for the law.

What is Hannity's clever response? He blathers that Stewart is "obsessed" with him and calls him a "comedic hack."

Not a single solitary attempt to argue the actual point. Just puerile snark.

As I said; this is all the right-wing appears capable of. Criticize harper for clear, brazen disrespect for our institutions and violations of our laws, and right-wingers come back with stupid accusations of "harper derangement syndrome" or other such drivel.

thwap said...

Anonymous 2,

It's a toss-up who is more stupid, Carmichael or Calandra. Calandra is definitely more of an embarrassment. When you get down to this microscopic level of intelligence, this is when the distinctions between "dullard" and "idiot" become important.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Carmichael before. I'm guessing he's a backbencher MP who just follows from the script he's given. I find a lot of the Conservative MPs are like that.

thwap said...

Anonymous 3,

I don't know about other back-benchers. But because he's my MP I notice his name, like when he's mentioned by Alison at Creekside: