Friday, May 2, 2014

"Pray for my brother ..."

In keeping with my empty, trivial subject matter until such a time as I have time to think about more substantive things I bring you the laughable request of the teary-eyed Doug Ford that we all "pray" for his brother.

What's moved Doug to tears this time, after all the other incidents of drinking and whoring and consorting with gangsters in order to enjoy their illegal substances? Could it be the nail in the coffin for Doug's dreams of continued political fame? Could it be that there are finally images available to the public and Rob and Doug can't even try to lie this time?

And, anyway, presuming this is the Christian God he's asking us to pray to, ... wouldn't that killjoy of a divinity be more likely to consign the hard-partying Rob Ford to the burning pits of Hell rather than "save" him.

I guess that's what makes me laugh the most about Doug Ford's idiotic request. The doofus asks us to pray for his obnoxious, asshole brother. To a god that doesn't exist. But if this god did exist, it's obvious that neither brother pays more than lip-service to its decrees and commandments.

The brothers Ford serve up yet another piece of evidence as to their shallowness and delusion.


liberalandlovingit said...

Speaking of "money and bullshit"-
there is no possible way, that DoFo (and every other male in the family), was unaware of the brother Ford's, uh... 'lifestyle'.

thwap said...

Oh, they knew. He's an addict like his sister. Only the idiot managed to hold it together enough to become a political celebrity.