Thursday, August 23, 2007

Canadian Cynic's Important Work

This post, a survey of the ugly, authoritarian, and utterly clueless level of intellectual discussion among Harper's Harpies.

I like CC's blog because he's pretty cutting towards people who deserve it, and he does the painful work of monitoring these fools so that other good people don't have to.

I mean, to go surfing through that sewer of reaction to compile that group of nauseating quotes ...

In the face of compelling evidence that the police planted provocateurs among anti-SPP protestors, to incite violence, to "justify" a violent assault on a legal assembly of citizens, to entrap ordinary Canadians, to "justify" smashing our political, legal, and civil rights, ... all in defence of an undemocratic corporate pact, these "conservative," "individualists" [sic] line up to reveal the total ignorance about what they're talking about, or, worse, their support for the partisan manipulation of the law to punish their political adversaries.

Short of actually illegal actions against them such as this, if a leftist political party takes power in Canada, we should do to them what they do to us. Take a page out of Ontario Puking Creep Mike Harris's playbook. Say that there's a constituency that supports us, and we'll work for them, and everyone else can go to hell. Raise their taxes, regulate 'em, eliminate their dodges, frustrate their media, ignore their opinions. And when they protest, let 'em scream their ugly heads off, and ignore, ignore, ignore.

And if they get frustrated and pick up a rock, just read all their authoritarian nonsense back to them.

That includes YOU Tommy D'Aquino. You lil' "democrat" you!


Unknown said...

How do you identify "Harper's Harpies"? I am not being coy, it's a serious question because you advocate punitive measures being taken against "them" upon the election of a "leftist" government. I'd hate to be mis-identified.

As an aside, I agree that the police planted agents within the protestors' ranks but it is mere speculation, at this point at least, to say that their intention was to incite violence.

thwap said...


Who are Harper's Harpies? The "Blogging Tories" that CC is keeping an eye on, for starters.

The shrill, deluded goon squad who would have us in Iraq, as well as Afghanistan, "for as long as it takes." The ugly, racist people who would do to Canada what their ilk have done in the US.

Why don't you try to discern some other reason for police infiltrators to be running around with masks on, carrying rocks, posing as anarchist protestors? What do you think they were trying to do?

Do you think they were just trying to see if Maude Barlow would follow her natural inclinations to try to violently seize power in Canada and they were just testing her?

rabbit said...

The notable thing about CC is that he calls himself leftist, and yet there is little evidence that he gives a damn about progressive politics.

He is certainly against conservatives - no doubt there - but what is he actually for?

In theory, at least, progressives are supposed to care for their fellow (wo)man, more so at least than those selfish, dog-eat-dog conservatives. Yet the amount of caring that goes on in CC's posts wouldn't fill a thimble. It's pretty much unadulterated vitriol against "those other guys."

CC is pure partisanship without any real politics. That may have its uses, but doesn't - for me - make for interesting reading.

thwap said...

Well, I said that what is valuable about CC is that he keeps an eye on, and exposes the deep, deep stupidity of the BTs.

True, you won't find much that is positive on his blog, but given that that doesn't appear to be it's function, one should evaluate it based on what he's trying to do.

You don't condemn the police for not putting out house fires do you?

Unknown said...

"Why don't you try to discern some other reason for police infiltrators to be running around with masks on, carrying rocks, posing as anarchist protestors? What do you think they were trying to do?"

Do you remember the OCAP riot at Queen's Park? Your bio says you are interested in "anarchy" so perhaps you were there. The police had undercover officers at that event, too and the protesters needed no help starting their bullshit. Can you blame the cops for wanting a presence in the crowd? If somone starts to throw rocks from a few ranks back, they'd certainly be easier to spot, and apprehend, with officers inside the crowd.

Dress it up any way you wish, until an investigation says otherwise, any talk about nefarious purposes for the police presence is just idle speculation.

And you still haven't said how a leftist government will go about identifying those Blogging Tories. Little arm patches, perhaps?