Wednesday, May 6, 2009

An Idiot Named "Colin"

Over at Dr. Dawg's Blawg, in the comments section to a condemnation of the harpercon government's violation of the rights of Abousfian Abdelrazik, an idiot named "Colin" shows up to excrete the following black pearls of wisdom:

Regarding the possible reasons the Canadian government might have for refusing his return, "Colin" states (with an argument he'd never like to see turned on himself):

Or there is information that legitimately keeps him out of Canada that cannot be revealed without compromising the source.That seems more reasonable and likely than these racism allegations and con's are evil claims by our less reasonable citizens.

To the actual allegations of racism against Abdelrazik, "Colin" responds:

There is no proof of racism. That idiot Dewar even went so far as to back away from the claims today.If this guy has no connections to terrorism he will get back in. Chances are very good that he is connected but to prove it would compromise future intelligence gathering.I know that it is hard for lefties to engage critical thinking faculties (too much time spent in the cold chanting with the raging grannies) but before accusing elected officials of sinister motives I suggest you find some proof.

Note that! Rich isn't it? We're to support the government's right to deny a Canadian citizen of his right to return, because there's probably "secret evidence" out there that explains it all. (Even if no amount of evidence can legally prevent his return in any case.) But if we want to accuse the government of racism, well we have to get a letter or an e-mail or a phone message from Stephen Harper saying "Keep that damned n____r in Africa!" before we're justified in our bad thoughts about the government. "Colin" is a textbook example of the sort of authoritarian chump who help dictatorships stay in power throughout history.

EK,obviously you dont understand the concept of burning a contact in the spy industry, but you can be sure that this clown is not worth compromising a source.proof will not be delivered because the Minister invoked national security...The embassy is giving him lodging and consular services so he has every opportunity to have this overturned. Just dont get your hopes up.

Now "Colin" is channelling Ian Fleming, and (inevitably) embarrassing himself totally.

Because actual prosecution of criminal conduct while abroad is not a requirement to bar someone from re-entry into the country we can throw out that line of argument.There are circumstances wherein the suspicion and testimony of security agents abroad is enough to cast doubt on the loyalties of a citizen. If the government minister then denies entry based on national security issues we can piss and moan all we like but we also have to acknowledge that there is something we are not privy to that is barring re-entry.Heading overseas to caddy for bin-laden is not a crime per se it would serve as enough to deny entry.It would also be wise not to let on to bin-laden that we have ways of gathering that info so we deny entry based on "national security".Tough luck for your stranded buddy but he appears to be fooked so to speak.

Again, more drivel. More insane, illegitimate, unconstitutional jibberish.

Well, I cannot believe that there is any political benefit to this matter at all. It isnt going to move votes either way. I also do not believe that the government is racist. Thats too much tin-foil hat for me.So, I will trust our security officials and minister to deny this guy re-entry based on something he did that you guys dont know about. They have no need to provide you with proof. Those are unfortunately for you the laws as written.If you dont like them petition to have the laws changed but dont accuse a democratically elected minister of being a racist based on scant evidence.

Fooking amazing. Accusing the government of racism is "tin-foil hat" territory. But all "Colin's" spy talk about denying citizens the right to return to Canada based on secret evidence is ... what's the polar opposite of the tin-foil hat wearer? The person with a childish faith in authority?

Later, in another thread, Colin dropped this bit of geo-political drivel (and this is the shit I'd like to start demolishing):

Thwap,Im not sure you are even using your brain or whether you borrowed a defective one from some sociology dept professor.I dont care who Karzai kills rapes or fucks. I dont care at all about those people. If you think radical islamists hate us because of something we have done you are the biggest fool of all. They hate us because we are not like them. They hate all non-muslims, you included. They would of course refer to you as a useful idiot because you refuse to acknowledge the threat they pose.At this point all I care about is that our armies could with proper political clearance wipe those child-raping, misogynous fuckers off the face of the earth. The simple fucking fact if you want to engage your critical faculties is that no terrorist group can set up camp and use it as a base of operations to attack me. Full stop. Thats all I care about. The rest of the fuckers can sodomize their nephews and marry their nieces, I dont care.If we would drop the silly notion that we have to minimize casualties we could massacre a few villages, wipe the people you consider to be scum out and lets goats graze in peace again. We cant win if we dont kill lots of people. We should get at it because these guys breed like rabbits.

And this, once again, is why we mock them and hate them.

Let's begin:

More stuff.


M@ said...

Colin insists that "radical islamists... hate us because we are not like them. They hate all non-muslims, you included."

So his solution? "massacre a few villages, wipe the people you consider to be scum out and lets goats graze in peace again. We cant win if we dont kill lots of people."

What do you want to bet when Colin's father used to hit him, he'd yell "Why are you crying? I'll give you something to cry about!"

And then there's this: "We should get at it because these guys breed like rabbits."

Talk about useful idiots. Dance, puppet, dance.

thwap said...

Yeah, I intended to disembowel it line by line but it kinda speaks for itself, don't it?

Anonymous said...

I thank you for taking the moments to attempt dialogue with these cretins.
In that regard you are a better man than I.

I must state that at some point I would like for you to take a topic and create your own article of thought encompassing any one of these particular issues.

Refuting people who are seething with faulty programming causing the myopia that does not allow them to realize that they are the mirror images of the very fundamentalist defects they bleat endlessly about in a limited environment of their choosing has its edifying limits.

I enjoy it when you compose articles of impeccable rationality with inscrutable objectivity.
I know these pathological dwarves would not step into your schoolyard to debate you because when their emotional bluster is expended the anaemic intellect dressed with sad trauma is all that is left of them.

Anger is an energy with applicable potential but spite, no matter how seemingly justified, becomes a taxing fungus.

Please compose some essays encapsulating the objective truth about these topics.

(Invite these insects to attempt their petty biting if you want blood but your proactive definition of matters is always awaited.)


thwap said...


I intended to use this blog as an excuse to think and write positively about stuff.

But my life has killed the dream I dreamed.

So, I find myself doing what's easier, trashing the foot-soldiers of the right-wing noise machine.