Friday, November 25, 2011

Do Really Bad Newspaper Columnists Have Awesome Oral Sex Skills?

How do these incoherent babbling lunatics, serial plagiarists and constantly wrong fuck-ups continue to find work?

Surely there are higher-quality apologists and rationalizers for the system lining-up to provide the same sort of bullshit at a far more reasonable rate?

Perhaps we must just imagine that our most hated writers have massive saliva-producing tongues that can raise even the whitest-haired editors and publishers members and bring them to shuddering, almost cardiac-arrest producing orgasms.



900ft Jesus said...

That last paragraph. I'm envious, and I bet it's completely effortless on your part. Really catches the disgust. I cant find words to say what I think of those journalists. Worst part is, they add to the problem.

thwap said...

My day-job is writing fetish prose about sex with and among the elderly.

(For some reason it becomes easier as the years go by.)

(My feet really stink.)

Kev said...

Devastatingly hilarious and sadly accurate

thwap said...

I'm doing my best to refrain from naming names.