Monday, November 21, 2011

What Now For Humanity?

They wanted to stay in their camps because they camps were exciting places to be.

But they mainly wanted to stay in their camps because the corrupt, lawless states wanted them to leave their camps.

But the camps are coming down in a flurry of needless state violence.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that the clueless shit-heads who rule us are breathing a collective sigh of relief. (From Barack Obama on down to Ezra Levant.)

But here's the thing clueless shit-heads: The reason we call you clueless shit-heads is because you don't have a clue inside your shit-for-brains.

The political-economic system that you serve has failed, is failing, will fail.

And do you know how badly it will fail?

It will fail so bad that if Rush Limbaugh doesn't invest in enough security, his own "ditto-heads" will pull him from his car and rend him to pieces with their bare hands.

A new world needs to be created. And this world must be one that values human life for its own sake and doesn't seek to make humans conform to some arbitrary profit value system.

And that world will come. Despite the death-spasms of capitalism.

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