Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Canadian Values

Man oh man. When I think about repressive, anti-female cultures, ... like the patriarchal nonsense of Afghanistan, that made a creep like Mohammad Shafia think that his daughters' and his first wife's lives are worth less than his trumped-up "honour." Or those sickos, the man and his family members who tried to beat his wife to force her to become a prostitute!

It's times like this that I'm proud to be a Canadian man, with CANADIAN values!!! That I live in a country where women's rights are respected and their lives valued!

Like, say, in downtown Vancouver. Where we don't beat women to force them into prostitution. Not that I know of anyway. Well, okay. Maybe motorcycle gangs, human smugglers, junkie boyfriends force young women into stripping or prostitution. But, some of those women are walking the streets because they want to be. Because they're addicted to drugs. You know, "crack whores." And in Canada, women who are addicted to drugs aren't sick people in need of treatment. There fucking whores who you can do anything you want to and we even joke about killing them.

And sometimes we don't joke about killing them. We really do kill them. Then we dispose of their bodies by feeding them to animals. And in case anybody gets suspicious, we put one female cop on the case. (That's from each investigating force! We're not monsters! The Vancouver Police put a single female cop on the case and so did the RCMP. And she no doubt had to spend part of her energy fending-off sexual advances from her noble and heroic male fellow officers!)

And, then, if things are starting to look bad, we stop filing missing persons reports so that we don't have to account for them.

Yes sirree. Is this a great fucking country for wimmin's rights or what? We're not just a world leader in global warming or international imperialism! (And don't get me started on how great a job we do treating our Indians. No! Not those Indians!) [Sigh.]

[Sorry if I offended anyone. It's risky but I'm trying to prove a point.]


thebanana said...

You didn't offend me. Seeing through the bullshit and exposing the truth to the harsh light of day is good for democracy.

Anonymous said...

Well said!