Friday, February 1, 2013

thwap the Online "Activist"

For reasons that will be a big secret for now, the old thwapster thinks he's going to take an indefinite break from online "activism" I can't see wasting my time bloviating on the inter-toobz about how this or that atrocity is a shitty atrocity.

The phone lines are open though. You're free to submit your own suggestions as to how we might be able to actually change the general abysmal course of Canadian politics in actual meat-space. In the meantime:
See here and here.


Beijing York said...

Sorry to see you give up on blogging, thwap. I've always enjoyed your passionate and well-informed perspectives.

I see thoughtful dialogue slowly dying away and replaced with immediate headlines and clever statements via new social media like Facebook and Twitter. It certainly has worked to galvanize support for such movements as Idle No More but I miss the reflection that comes with forums and blog interactions.

sassy said...

For my own selfish sake, I hope just a break and you will return.

I do enjoy your posts.


Owen Gray said...

You have every right to feel frustrated, thwap. The narrow, grasping and ignorant are currently in the driver's seat.

But revolutions -- the best ones, anyhow -- start from the bottom, with the people who are not in the driver's seat.

Pull off at a rest stop if you need a break. But stay behind the wheel.

thwap said...

I intend to post from time to time. But nothing really criticizing the system. Not anymore.

I need to re-direct that energy to more practical activities.

Simon said...

hi Thwap...well I'm glad to see that you are not giving up blogging, just changing direction. I feel the same way Beijing and Sassy do, and I would miss your contribution to the progressive choir in these dark times. I understand why you are frustrated, online activism has its limitations. It can't do much by itself, but it can help generate support for what is out there, if we had it. So maybe not now but later. For that time will come. Right now Canadian politics is like sandbox, and many can't seem able to see the forest for the trees. But the the forces bearing down on us will change all that, so while it is somewhat boring now, it will get more exciting in the next two years. So I'll keep reading your blog and following your journey, it's been most interesting so far. BTW your horrible little Con troll has been driven off his rocker by the thought you might give up blogging, and has been leaving some insane posts over at my place. He seems to think he's responsible and that I'm next. It's hilarious stuff but of course I won't print anything from him anymore. Still, I think you finally broke him because he's clearly having a nervous breakdown. So good for you, and add that one to your list of accomplishments... ;)

thwap said...


I just don't see that it has much of an impact. And, while it was supposed to be a place where I could be forced to do some writing, and therefore keep me able to write something more substantial with my own name on it, should the opportunity present itself, I found that it was actually getting in the way of my doing other things.

It definitely wasn't that crazy-assed troll's doing. If anything, trying to figure out how psychotic losers like that get produced kept me blogging.

Alas, I discovered that they're just the products of inferior brains. Stupid losers, nothing more.

Having discovered that, I saw no further need to play with them and I just deleted their comments. I'm glad to hear you're doing the same.