Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Who Will "Keep Us Safe" From the Conservative Party of Canada????

Seriously. 158 Canadian Forces were killed to impose a narco-pedophile kleptocracy on Afghanistan. (True, it was the Liberals who sent them there, and true, the people of Afghanistan were suffering under a nutbar-fundamentalist theocracy with their previous government.) And suicides of active CF and veterans is "an epidemic." Given that many of these suicides (and nervous breakdowns, and the negative health impacts of stress) are caused by targeted and deliberate mental and physical abuse on the part of the harpercon government, the Conservative Party of Canada is clearly a threat to the safety of Canadians.

Train derailments. When regulations are ignored or eliminated altogether at the behest of selfish, greedy fuckwads who argue that profit-maximization is their only legal obligation, ... what are we to expect? Without calculating the wider health impacts of toxic spills around the country, we will just take the number killed in the epic tragedy at Lac-M├ęgantic, of 47 and add it to the 158 Canadian soldiers killed.


Remember listeriosis? When 17 people died from eating tainted meat (the inevitable result of self-regulation in the meat-packing industry)? And Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz (and Health Minister Tony Clement) joked about it?

Some First Nations peoples might not see themselves as Canadian (and I wouldn't blame them) but technically, their health and safety is the responsibility of the federal government (which voluntarily assumed this duty in 1867). Are they safe from tainted drinking water? The environmental impacts of the Tar Sands? Deaths from exposure due to substandard housing? Of course not. They are directly threatened from the Conservatives' racist contempt for them.

On a larger scale, Canadians' safety is not just under threat from the federal Conservatives. As I've already said, a lot of this shit happened under the federal Liberals. And a lot of this shit happens under provincial governments too. Without any distortion whatsoever, one can say that Canadians are more threatened by unregulated capitalism than they are from terrorism.

But it's the height of delusion to imagine that harper's cynical police-state policies are intended to "keep Canadians safe." They are intended to keep Canadians down. They are intended to suppress dissent against the murderous greed of capitalism. The harpercons don't care about our safety. If we have to die so that their capitalist masters can make a few extra bucks, so be it.


greg said...

loved the Godzilla. Now I hate Justin for rolling over on c-51. People say it was a wise thing to do, but...... KFC!!!! Sorry for swearing.

thwap said...


It wasn't a wise thing to do. C-51 is so far beyond what is good, or necessary for Canada. We need to change the narrative.

Pandering to delusions is worse than useless.

greg said...

you were referencing Montreal Simon who seemed to make some sense I guess on a first take, but Jesus, how long do you support Justin before there's nothing left....

it's like after a kill, the dominant guys get to eat and then when everyone is done, you get like a foot, and it's unappetizing. Probably a bad metaphor but .....till next time.