Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Glib n' Stale's Idiotic "Endorsement."

People are justifiably mocking the Globe & Mail's nonsensical endorsement of the harpercons with harper. Given the fact that harper has run that cabal of cretins with an iron fist, it's bizarre to imagine how this gang of idiots' record can be separated from its leader. And, even if you somehow could, who are we talking about that is so full of promise? Jason Kenney? Chris Alexander? Pierre Poilievre????

But the Globe & Mail loses its credibility? Too late! They lost it in 2011 when the endorsed harper after he committed Contempt of Parliament. (It was not a biased, partisan "kangaroo court." It was a majority of our parliamentary representatives making the only choice they could. harper was steadfastly withholding from Parliament information it had a right to see. End of story. Finito. That's all she wrote. Good night Gracie. Get outta here fer I slap you again.)

They're shameless, anti-democratic scum. They're as low as Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly and FUX Snooze.
Dawg parodies the Globe's sickening attitude here:
Since then, we have been concerned to observe even more of Mr. Harper’s dark side, toward which his government has, to some extent, strayed. For example, we have seen the routine use of the “notwithstanding clause” in legislation to effectively nullify the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Muslim citizens have been sent to internment camps without charge or trial. Peaceful environmentalists have been charged with terrorism and treason. The definition of terrorism, in fact, has been extended to strip the citizenship of hundreds of Canadians merely for expressing anti-Harper views. We have also seen the widespread use of the Great Lakes for the dumping of spent fuel rods and other nuclear waste, with substantial effects on the tourism industry.
We have expressed our criticism of these and other measures, such as further lowering the GST, in previous editorials. There has seemed to be insufficient rationale for them, and none were properly debated in the House of Commons or the Senate, where time allocation was imposed even before any constructive discussion took place. 
On the other hand, as the world economy has improved in fits and starts
... (Emphasis added.)
It is no exaggeration. These people are the enemy. Of us. Of democracy. Of Canada. Of our children.

They are monsters.

And they have zero right to lecture us on anything. Incompetents, frauds, with blood on their hands.

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