Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Obama Fan

So on FaceBook there was a meme with all the leading figures of the bush II regime pictured besides a list of their several crimes including torture and illegal wars of aggression. It was posted in a group someone had hooked me up to so I didn't know many of the people posting.

Three comments about the evil, perfidious Repugnicans and how they should be forced to pay for what they did.

I posted "I prefer to look forward, not backwards."

Some youngster liberal posted "Da - what??"

I said "I'm quoting Barack Obama."

The liberal said I was probably quoting him "maybe out of context or in a sense of "back to business". He's not trivializing nor should anyone".

I said "That's the worst response you could have given. Give your head a shake."

He posted: "Da -what?" Then followed this with:
I am saying he wasn't trivializing it. He is NOT SAYING that it should be ignored, nor forgiven and forgotten.

How does refusing to investigate and prosecute crimes against humanity get a pass? How does one "get back to business" after crimes such as war and torture? (In reality of course, Obama got "back to business" by engaging in more war crimes and other atrocities. But that would be too much for the wittle pwogwessive wibowull to even begin to process.)

Right now I'm remembering how beleagured Bernie Sanders chumps shouted "No more war!" at the 2016 convention only to be drowned-out by Hillarybot scum shouting "USA! USA!"

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