Monday, November 11, 2019

Our Doomed Species

NOTE: This was an old, unfinished effort that I decided to dredge out of the "drafts" folder and post just for the hell of it. I added a word about the recent coup in Bolivia and one or two other things and that's about it.

The pathetic dissembling of the "Russia-gaters," as they try to pretend that Mueller's report might somehow still vindicate their moronic and self-destructive conspiracy theory is interesting in so far as it provides real-time evidence of brains struggling to fit reality to their ideologies. In fact, since the implosion of the Hillary Clinton campaign, these useless liberals have becoming increasingly more desperate. They allowed themselves to ignore or rationalize Barack Obama's numerous crimes against humanity and democracy. They convinced themselves that the murderous, racist, corrupt incompetent Hillary Clinton was THE BEST CANDIDATE EVAHHHHH!!!! whose Electoral College defeat can only be attributed to external causes. (Ian Welsh pointed out a long time ago that all sorts of things contributed to HRC's humiliation, but that discounting the legacy of Democratic neo-liberalism and Hillary's personal awfulness is a colossal blind-spot.)

I've already done two posts about the miserable stupidity of the "Russia-gate"-er response to the end of the Mueller investigation. As a nice bonus feature, the enigmatic "Evil Brad" showed up in the comments to provide a living example of that nonsense.

Equally sad is the attempt of Liberal Party hacks to try to wish-away the SNC-Lavalin/Jody Wilson-Raybould scandal. I mean, first of all, can't it be possible that JWR was a rotten Attorney-General AND that Justin's attempts to bend the law for his crooked pals at SNC-Lavalin was also rotten? Listen Liberals, you only end up embarrassing yourselves when you try to pretend that real scandals are "fake scandals."

The latest is Montreal Simon, desperately trying to spin JWR's tape of Michael Wernick continuing to pressure her to give the corrupt, connected plutocrats at SNC-Lavalin a "get out of jail free" card. Supposedly this is all unethical and Canadians are growing disgusted with corrupt Jody. And Simon is still peddling the bullshit that the Liberals were only trying to preserve jobs. And Simon continues to propagate every smear against JWR ("She let a wrongfully-convicted man's file sit on her desk for MONTHS") ("She wanted to nominate a conservative, anti-Charter justice to the Supreme Court!) while ignoring every counter-narrative ("She gave the file of the wrongfully-convicted guy to a justice to review and that review was only recently completed.") ("Various law societies and legal minds are appalled at the Liberals' leaking confidential information about the Supreme Court nominations.)

Guess what Liberals? If JWR really wanted that social-conservative Justice to be the Chief Justice of the SCOC, then I'm glad Trudeau rejected her. But as I said at the beginning of this section, I'm perfectly capable of processing that JWR might not have had the best motivations for beginning this war (she denies that she was the source for the initial leaks or that she approved anyone to leak anything on her behalf), but that, nevertheless, it is not a "fake scandal." It is a very real scandal and it speaks to the power of corporate Canada to bend the law to its will. If you continue to shriek "FAKE SCANDAL!!" and continue to ignore evidence that upsets your worldview, then reality will creep up and then past you. And you will find yourself reduced to this pathetic specimen in the comments section of Simon's post:
Simon I can't stop shaking and crying. This fake scandal has the Cons leading the polls and Jody is on a mission to destroy Trudeau's good name. Then there was that gaffe with the native protesters at the 1500 a head fundraiser... I havn't slept in two days and I'm afraid of what's to come.
The "gaffe" in question was shit-head Trudeau's attempt to mock the protesters demanding concrete action for the mercury poisoning at Grassy Narrows. [I'm having second thoughts about this commentator now. By mentioning "the 1500 a head fundraiser" maybe it's a parody of a deranged Liberal instead of just a deranged Liberal.]

The LibroCon Party has for well over a century, and continuing into the present day, been conducting continues Low Intensity Conflict with Canada's First Nations. To think that they've broken with that tradition in one election requires a great deal of blind faith.

Then there's this example of Liberal partisans being unable to process reality. Simon still recognizes the Bolivarians as the good guys in Venezuela so he's still capable of condemning the Trump crime family's attacks against them. But he's willfully blind to Canada's own contribution to the murderous sanctions crippling Venezuela's economy. Just as he's blind to our blood-soaked foreign minister Crystia Freeland's slavish support for any and all fascist toadies of the USA anywhere in the world. Especially in Honduras, Brazil and, now, Bolivia.

Finally (even though many of the contributors in the comments, as well as the blogger himself I think), are hopeless lesser-evilist supporters, I still have to share how "We Hunted The Mammoth" hilariously provides us with aging pick-up failure Roosh V's babbling about having found religion.
Well, not so fast. I mean, first of all, Roosh is an idiot, and his theological speculations are likely to be a mixture of the blindingly obvious and the incredibly dumb.
Oh well. This is all ephemera. Climate Change will kill us all (and no gawd or gawds exist who would save us) and humanity is collectively screwing the pooch. The people most committed to halting our slide to the apocalypse have no clue as to how to get the power necessary to do so.

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