Saturday, January 30, 2021

US-American Idiots


I know that if I blog about something it should be about Canadian crap. Because I'm Canadian. And I do plan on blogging about murderous racist Mike Harris winning the Order of Ontario, and the simpering hypocrite Doug Ford running interference for murderously greedy long-term care home owners (like Mike Harris). But I just had this reaction of visceral disgust to [now] Secretary of State Antony Blinken's views on Iran expressed at his confirmation hearings:

    “When it comes to Iran, a couple of things. First, President-elect Biden is committed to the proposition that Iran will not acquire a nuclear weapon, and we share I know that goal across this committee. An Iran with a nuclear weapon or on the threshold of having one with the capacity to build one on short order would be an Iran that is even more dangerous than it already is when it comes to all of the other malicious activities that it is engaged in whether it is support for terrorism, whether it is fueling and feeding its proxies, whether it is destabilizing the region an Iran with a nuclear weapon or with the threshold capacity to build one is an Iran that would act potentially with even greater impunity than it already is. So I think we have an urgent responsibility to do whatever we can to prevent Iran from acquiring a record for getting–weapon, or getting close to the capacity to having the fissile material to break out on short notice.

Now, here's the thing: Antony Blinken came from an affluent family (They might not have been personally rich, but high-level diplomats such as US Ambassador to Hungary earned high incomes and lived in very comfortable surroundings.) and he had all the benefits of elite private schools, and a degree from Harvard and a degree from Columbia Law School. He himself has had a well rewarded career as a senior bureaucrat in various areas of the Washington foreign policy establishment. For a guy with all those advantages to be spouting such moronic drivel as he gets confirmed for yet another cushy job is, to me, absolutely vomit-inducing. 

    An Iran with a nuclear weapon or on the threshold of having one with the capacity to build one on short order would be an Iran that is even more dangerous than it already is ...

Like, what the fuck do you mean by THAT Blinken? How is Iran "already" a danger to the USA? Iran isn't trying to attack the United States. Iran isn't threatening to invade other countries. And, for the record, Iran doesn't appear to have had any nuclear weapons ambitions since 2003 (if it ever really did). "Iran's nuclear ambitions" appears to be just another example of US foreign policy fuck-faces inventing another laughable "threat" that they can wail and scream about for their sychophantic "journalist" class to justify insane levels of military spending. 

    ... when it comes to all of the other malicious activities that it is engaged in ...

Oh! Let's hear about what Blinken categorizes as "malicious activities.":

    ... whether it is support for terrorism ...

I see. So supporting terrorism is bad! So where are the sanctions against Saudi Arabia? Or against Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates? And, obviously, it goes without saying that the US government [insanely] arms and finances terrorists and has done so for decades. From the sadistic monsters of the Nicaraguan Contras, to the "death squads" of other Central American countries. It arms "moderate" head-chopping Islamic extremists in Syria (who work with and share resources with extreme extermists like Al-Nusra Front and ISIL), in Libya, in Angola, in Venezuela. The list goes on and on. What supreme hypocrisy!

    ... whether it is fueling and feeding its proxies ...

As opposed to the USA doing exactly that!

    ... whether it is destabilizing the region ...

Is he fucking joking???? Seriously?? A goddamned US-American foreign-policy maker complaining about another country "destablizing" the Middle East?????

I complained to a friend of mine about this and he said words to the effect of how of course somebody like Blinken is going to spew bullshit, ... but it still takes a human being with alleged self-respect and a functioning brain to form and speak the words! This is so completely insane that you have to either be terrified or offended. There's no middle ground. He either believes this shit and is insane, or he's basically shamelessly lying and laughing to himself how nobody is ever going to call him out for his lies.  This is so inexcusably, totally wrong.

Now, reading up on Blinken I see that he's Jewish and many of his ancestors perished in The Holocaust with the few survivors moving the United States after the war.  Similar histories have made some Jewish people fervent believers in the Zionist project of Israel, which is entirely understandable. And Israel hates Iran. And the USA hates Iran because of disgusting self-pity about the hostage crisis at the US Embassy in Tehran from 1979-1981. I'm not going to go into the fact that Israel has regressed into becoming a cauldron of casual, murderous racism and cruelty, corruption and extremism. No, suffice to say, Blinken is a fanatical supporter of Israel and Israel hates Iran and so Blinken hates Iran.

But even if Blinken hates Iran, for him to rave like a lunatic about Iran "destabilizing" the Middle East, when his own fucking USA allowed supported both sides of the Iraq-Iran War; granted Iraq permission to invade Kuwait and then condemned Iraq when it did, armed fundamentalists in Afghanistan to fight a ruinous civil war in Afghanistan creating millions of refugees and abandoning that country to postwar chaos and misery, subjected Iraq to ruinous sanctions, invaded Iraq killing over one-million human beings and millions more as refugees, supported Israel every step of the way as it attacks its neighbours; conducted proxy wars against Syria using (again) fundamentalist nutbars, did the same thing "successfully" in Libya, transforming it into a failed-state with open slave markets, creating millions of refugees from both Libya and Syria who try to flee to Europe where their presence inspires racist rat-brains to form fascist political movements to fight the "Muslim invasion," .... why, .... the man is obviously unfit for a job of such importance. He's a deluded, deranged, hypocritical, psychopathic idiot.

Which, sadly, means he fits right in at that mental asylum. His level of mental degeneracy is par for the course in Washington (and, sadly, Ottawa as well).

Next up: Apparently arrogant, incompetent psychopath Hillary Clinton has a podcast! And one of her first guest (or her first and only guest) was the revolting Nancy Pelosi. And both of those vermin began babbling that the January 6th riot in Washington by Donald Trump's deluded followers was possibly the work of satanic mastermind Vladimr Putin! This is equally as stupid and deranged as the snivelling cowards among the Republican Party's base who now claim that the riot was the work of Antifa. (The fact that numerous long-term Q-anon/Trumpist bloggers and podcasters and other such "celebrities" took so many selfies of themselves at the riot hasn't dissuaded any of these losers from clinging to their self-evidently stupid belief.)

Between the oily, bloated, sadistic, deranged Mike Pompeo and the ranting lunatic Antony Blinken, ... the choice of sane people is "neither." Well, that's all I had to say.

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