Thursday, September 16, 2021

Thwap's 2021 Federal Election Post


Blogging and politics are wastes of time. So I don't attend to either as much as I used to. I need to vent my feelings about subjects and just yesterday I added two more books to the last post about "latest reads." I don't plan on voting myself. After Jerkwad True Dope's little stunt/massive betrayal on electoral reform I don't plan on ever voting for a Liberal again. And, without proportional representation, or even a monetary vote subsidy (you know, where the political party you voted for gets public money for it, thereby reducing the need to fund-raise) I see no reason to vote NDP or Green or Communist to "make a statement."

What a country we live in! Remember how stephen harper shat upon the very fundamentals of our parliamentary pseudo-democracy and almost all of our mainstream media outlets continued to support him? They, being cretins, probably were genuinely unaware of how that endorsement of harper completely invalidated any of their claims to be democrats devoted to the rule of law. I'm not sure that they would have cared if they were made aware of the depths of their corruption and authoritarianism because they're full-time asshole people.

This goes for all the dunces and shit-stains and ignoramuses who are currently thinking of voting Conservative today. These are people who are so fucking crazy and so fucking stupid that they have convinced themselves that there's no pandemic and that we're just seeing the seasonal flu being advertised as a killer virus to help China take over the world. Thanks to our corporate media (and their own inherent lack of interest in the subject) they have no memory of their party's serial assaults on the integrity of parliamentary democracy.  

I think the main policy of stephen harper through all his years in power was making Canada an "energy super-power" by exploiting the Tar Sands. And we all know how that turned out. We all saw the policy implode with the price of oil. And Erin O'Toole's version of the Conservative Party of Canada will be no better. O'Toole is, himself, an idiot. He lies about as intelligently as harper did, which is to say badly and bald-facedly. I don't know how anyone of normal intelligence could be so debased as to want to vote for them. 

Sickeningly, this is the country we live in. According to the opinion polls the Conservatives are neck-and-neck with the Liberals. Partisan Liberals (like Montreal Shithead) have been downplaying these polls as being either inaccurate or corrupt. Which is hilarious because all summer Montreal Shithead had been crowing about how high the Liberals were polling and how the Conservatives and their NDP allies were terrified of an election. Now he and other partisan hacks are shrieking about how it is incumbent upon NDP or Green supporters to vote Liberal to prevent a Conservative government. (Which, thanks to Trudeau's betrayal of electoral reform could turn out to be a goddamned majority.)

I'm no fan of the Liberals. Not being as repulsive as the Conservatives isn't enough for me. They're an imperialist party willingly torturing the peoples of Honduras and Venezuela (to name just two examples); they continue to fight their legal obligation to compensate Aboriginal communities for underfunding services for children's services. And, it was Trudeau's Liberals who voted at the WTO on the side of greedy pharmaceutical companies to place patent profits over fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to the NDP's popular call for a wealth tax, Trudeau is mewling about people wanting to punish the rich. The fact that the wealthiest have seen their fortunes literally soar during this pandemic, when almost everyone else has taken a hit doesn't seem to be a factor in that fucking stupid airhead's thinking.

Trudeau says that he called this election because parliament had become dysfunctional. They hadn't been able to pass any legislation in five months. Here's my (admittedly not very informed) take on that: In the case of their bill protecting gay kids, they appeared not to have tried as hard as they could have. As far as anything else goes, t'would appear that the Conservatives have adopted the Mitch McConnell strategy of permanent obstruction of everything. But unlike the US Senate, the Trudeau Liberals in the House of Commons have had the NDP (and sometimes even the Bloc) to nullify Conservative obstructionism.

The simple fact of the matter is that the arrogant Liberals wanted a majority and they convinced themselves of their awesomeness and purity and loveliness that they projected those sentiments on the electorate. But Canadians always hate voting. They hate elections. And holding an election before the pandemic is behind us was a dick move. And now we find ourselves here, today, with even a possible Conservative majority.  I have no idea what's going to happen.

I was genuinely surprised to see this image in my search. I had this comic as a lad: "The Dingbats of Danger Street."

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