Thursday, October 14, 2021

Question for Proponents of "Plandemic" Conspiracy Theories ... Who Decides to Cancel Surgeries?

Just a quick question for yeez all: So, according to you there is no healthcare crisis. Because COVID-19 is no more dangerous than the seasonal flu. It might even BE the seasonal flu. Everyone else dying during the non-flu season has been dying FROM co-morbidities (high blood pressure, obesity, cancer, whatevah) that they had (perhaps) WITH COVID-19.

According to you guys, there are a few brave hospital workers posting the TRUTH about hospitals with only business-as-usual numbers of patients on their social media pages, but everyone else (including, of course, the corporate media) refuses to inform the public about this. And then there are those doctors, nurses and orderlies who know to keep quiet about the Globalist Agenda -- OR ELSE! -- and gosh darn it, it's all so frustrating! Trying to get your story out to the sheeple in the face of this obstruction and cowardice.

What's more dastardly, ... is the decision of hospitals to cancel surgeries, ... allegedly in the face of the numbers of COVID-19 patients swamping the hospitals. 

So my question to you who question whether the pandemic is even real; my question to you people who appear to have "The Rebel" website, the right-wing, Islamophobic, global-warming denying/fossil fuels supporting, People's Party of Canada supporting, "questioning" of the mass graves of the residential schools website as one of your biggest sources of information and moral support, .... You people who have among you a large number of fans of the repulsive Donald Trump, ... my question is; Who is responsible for the decision to cancel surgeries, allegedly (according to you) in a situation where there is no crisis?

What's the benefit to, say, the head of the Alberta Health Service, to cancel these surgeries when there is NO crisis and therefore, cancelling these surgeries is cruel and inhuman? What rewards to you imagine they obtain from "The Globalists" to make this call?

And what's in it for the doctors who should know that there's no healthcare crisis, and that therefore these surgeries are supposedly being cancelled for political-conspiracy reasons, thereby needlessly endangering their patients' health and well-being? What is keeping these doctors from shouting to anyone who will listen about this scandal?

I ask you this in the hopes that perhaps seeing the absurdity of what you believe and what you're trying to get everyone else to believe will become obvious to you. But perhaps you have an answer that isn't hilarious in a bizarre sort of way?

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