Saturday, November 20, 2021

Freedom Isn't Free Fuck-Face!


Despite what asshats like Jimmy Dore say, the case for COVID vaccines is pretty strong. Most of the people ending up in the emergency rooms with COVID symptoms now are unvaccinated. Areas of Canada with the lowest vaccination rates are suffering the most from COVID-19. COVID-19 is real. (How many years do you remember an annual flu season and the government was imposing lockdowns and vaccine passports/mandates and almost daily some imbecile is posting on social media about how they had denied that the flu was dangerous, didn't get the flu-shot and now they're dying in the hospital?)

With the reality of COVID-19 being a fact, the question is: "Should I get vaccinated or should I stand up strong and proud for my bodily autonomy until I find that I'm one of those unlucky people who finds out that COVID-19 doesn't give a fuck for my bodily autonomy and now I'm in the hospitals, consuming public resources and putting people who are sick THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN waiting longer and longer for treatments and surgeries because of stupid assholes such as myself?"

I used to think that maybe the government should offer a card to COVID-denying/anti-vaxxers that told hospital staff: "This person doesn't believe COVID-19 is real or dangerous. This person refused to wear a mask or practice any social distancing for any number of stupid reasons. This person rejected getting vaccinated for still more unimportant, asinine reasons. If this person has ended up in your emergency room due to the results of having been infected with COVID-19 then you are within your rights to SEND THIS PERSON HOME TO DIE."

Of course, how do you carry out such a policy? Certainly some of these nitwits would happily apply for the card, act like shit-heads and then come crawling to the hospital when their stupidity smacks them hard in the face. But others wouldn't bother. Those who did might throw their cards away on the way to the hospital. The logistics of it would probably be more trouble than it was worth. But then it occurred to me: Being unvaccinated (without good reason) is all the proof you need to have to recognize that the feverish, gasping human before you is a formerly arrogant asshole who is now begging for help. Yet another narcissistic moron with delusions of intelligence whose stupidity is harming others, and exposing overworked, traumatized healthcare workers to a life-threatening virus. 

Send them the fuck home and let any of their similary stupid friends and family treat them with the latest wonder drugs they've heard about from the internet or while they were crouching by Donald Trump's fat, ugly ass hoping to breath in one of his rancid farts.

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