Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Trudeau on Left-Wing Cynicism

 Apparently our shit-head prime minister Justin Trudeau is distressed by the "casual cynicism of the left."  We affect him more than the far-right crazies who want to hang him for "treason."

"Cynicism" the moron says.  He probably doesn't understand the meaning of the word.  Justin me boy!  Did you think you could brazenly break your promise to end our antiquated and anti-democratic First-Past-The-Post electoral system and not make people cynical?  Did you think forming the LIMA Group with fascists like Brazil's Bolsonaro, the Death Squadders in Colombia and the Honduran Mafioso to target the people of Venezuela with deadly sanctions over the alleged human rights abuses of their government wouldn't endgender cynicism? Did you really believe that it wouldn't make people cynical to pull billions of dollars out of thin-air to bail-out an oil pipeline project?  Did you think that signing the UN Declaration on the Rights on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and while not accepting the obligations that entailed wouldn't make people cynical?  (On top of your continued serial abuses of the First Nations?)

I can't imagine the intellectual and moral debasement of those who practically swoon over this stupid asshole Justin Trudeau.  I do know that normal people regard both the man and his fans with contempt.

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