Thursday, November 20, 2014

Coalition NOW!

I'm not talking about the opposition parties. They've had years to clue-in to the reality that harpercon "conservatism" is a greater danger to this country than anything else and they continue to waste more time fighting against each other and treating the harpercons as if they're just disagreeable.

I'm talking about people.

I'm talking about the environmentalists, the unions, the peace movement, feminists, the First Nations, angry veterans, angry scientists, angry artists.

Can they (we) not find common ground and unite to destroy this threat to Canadian democracy? Can groups of so many people not carry out an effective grassroots campaign to destroy harperism and then build the country we want?


greg said...

Trying to get a sense, I think I mentioned it before, of the percentage of CAnadians who don't swallow the MSN bullshit of how Israel is doing nothing more than just defending themselves. HOw many homes do they have to destroy. And what's with those shitty little dogs. Hate those things.

sassy said...

Now that's an idea whose time has come!! YES

thwap said...


More and more are turning against Israel because of its atrocities. Still less than we'd hope. But I think it's a sizable enough group that if we stood together it would be impossible to silence us all as hitlerite anti-Semites.

I take it the complaint about little dogs is unrelated to Israel-Palestine?

thwap said...


Thanks for the comment. Maybe I'll call up some new people in Toronto and try to start something.

Sigh. (Thinking about futile past efforts.)

This idea engendered some commentary at EnMasse.

Maybe you'd like to contact these groups in your own community to try to start such a campaign?

greg said...

I'm not sure what pisses me off more. I think those toy dogs are a close second. I guess throwing thousands of people out of their homes and then bombing them have to come first. But those dogs. It's a toss -up. Anyway, I read that Netanyahu has decided to punish the recent thing by throwing hundreds into the streets and bombing more housing. I'm sure that made the Globe. NO wait, it didn't.

thwap said...


I know what you mean about the latest cynicism.

When I heard about that synagogue attack, I thought to myself that I didn't care about the probable causes for it, it was just a horrible tragedy.

But what made me sick was the way this attack is highlighted, and the usual Zionist apologists take the podium to berate the Palestinians after "Operation Defensive Shield" (or whatever bullshit title they gave it) and now all this hideous bullshit about denying reconstruction aid into Gaza.

I don't like the little dogs either. But a friend of mine went and got one. But they've always bugged me.

But that's neither here nor there.

greg said...

Okay, I just rembembered what I wanted to ask. I was obsessed with the dogs.

Okay, I'm still trying to figure out why they paid off Duffy. Why not let him hang. They paid him off because he didn't live at Cavendish? Did Duffy have .... I really have no clue.

greg said...

Just going back to may 2013 of Disaffected LIberal. I guess that Harper had appointed Duff as a reward for fundraising and basically okayed his expenses etc. So I can only guess they didn't want Duff to say "harper said it was okay" to charge everything. I guess that makes sense. If that was the case. I hear that Duff is ill and may not make it. IF he switches to Kale right now. Get some exercise! Get off your ass and live, damn you! LIve!

thwap said...

That's basically it. Duffy gets a salary and his travel expenses paid for on the public dime, but he travels around fund-raising for the Conservative Party.

All the money he was bringing in and the party was too cynical and jaded to even consider paying his travel expenses.