Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Whitby-Oshawa Voters Drive Another Nail Into Coffin of Canadian Democracy

Who knows what it is they like about the Conservative Party of Canada?

Is it harper's armageddon-inducing denial of climate change? (Which is not so much based on "skepticism" about the science as it is on his being a bought-and-paid-for shill for the oil industry.)

Is it the way the harper selects career criminals and unstable morons as senators and heads of government agencies?

Is it the election fraud that they like?

Is it the anti-democratic omnibus bills?

Part of the reason why we have these disgusting results can be found in the complete absence of any sense of mourning on the part of our corporate media at the election of yet another vapid ignoramus to the Contempt of Parliament Party caucus in the House of Commons. (Obviously it's foolish to imagine these idiots would mourn when the last time out, all the newspapers except the Toronto Star endorsed cowardly stephen harper's party.) The complete absence of any firm understanding of the danger of this party of corruption and dictatorship in this country is why, of the 63% of the electorate that went out yesterday, 49% of them picked a harpercon.

At this CBC link, you can see the usual debased hooting and howling from anti-democratic harpercon shills in the comments section. Parading their economic illiteracy and general political ignorance for all to see. Certainly they have a different point of view from us.

They believe that torture is useful. They believe that the government can lie about the costs of its policies to the tune of billions of dollars. They believe that the government should spy on all of us and have the right to arrest us without charges and imprison us indefinitely. They believe that the government should send us into wars without debates. They believe in unilaterally tearing-up our treaties. They believe that bribing senators to cover-up previous incidences of corruption is okee-dokee. They believe that elections are about "winning" by any means necessary (financial fraud, electoral fraud). They are, basically, scum. Most of them are too stupid to understand this, but at some point, you can't make any more allowances.

CORRECTION: I misread the CBC link. I thought it said that the turn-out for the by-election in Whitby-Oshawa was 63% and that the expected turn-out for the by-election in Alberta was a quarter of that. It actually says that the turnout for the last federal election had been 63%.

The Schoolyard regrets the error.


lungta said...

lived most of my life in a riding voting 80% conservative
couple of things i have learned
1. cons have no learning curve
2. any exposure of misbehavior by a chosen son is deflected by "they all do it"
3. rather than change their vote they will always double down rather than admit a poor choice
4. they vote for the illusion of what the conservative party was in mom and dads' time to honor their memory
5. in the little booth with ballot and pencil they vote conservative because liberals

It will take 50 years to rebuild the rape and dismemberment canada has suffered under harper.
Short of a treason charge and a blanket reversal of every harper law (that will never happen) you can expect both mulcair and Trudeau to slip into the bunker and maintain the new canadian status quo.
Their lack of co-operation might lead to stevie stealing a third election. You know he has the desire, the contempt and the means.

thwap said...


Sad but true.

1. Just as it's pointless to hope the corporate media will suddenly embrace truth and democracy, it's pointless to expect "conservatives" to grow brains.

2. This is true, and what it makes it totally frustrating is that their team engages in the worst corruption, they believe everyone is corrupt, but then, without missing a beat, they go apoplectic over the latest Liberal or NDP or left-wing scandal.

3. Their obstinacy is their greatest political strength.

4 & 5 - They can't define their terms. They can't argue their preferences. Just the same old stupid shit.

It's disgusting what all of this has shown about our country and where it took us.

Owen Gray said...

Ignorance is the enemy of democracy.