Sunday, November 9, 2014

On the Cusp of Nuclear War?

There's a lot of other serious shit going down everywhere. But I have to say that this crisis in the Ukraine has me spooked. And the fighting in Iraq and Syria. It's all connected to the USA's deluded attempts to maintain full spectrum dominance over the entire earth, all of human civilization.

From 1945-1991 they had to contend with a rival super-power. The USSR's implosion meant that the USA was now the world's only super-power. But by 1991, the USA had its own problems. And, for the rest of the world, 1991 wasn't 1945. In 1945, Europe and Japan were in ruins. India and China were basket-cases. Brazil was almost entirely non-industrialized. (If my undergrad essay about Getulio Vargas and the steel industry is correct.) Today, all of these countries are industrialized competitors. OPEC didn't exist in 1945. The natural resources of the colonized, soon-to-be de-colonized, and de-colonized countries could be had for a song.

That unnatural state of affairs began to fall apart in the 1960s and things have only gotten more competitive since then.

There is no need to support the USA as it struggles to maintain its dominance over the world system. The Wall Street banksters, the fossil-fuels industry and the military-industrial complex do not have anyone's best interests at heart besides their own. Respect for the human rights of every human being on the planet; respect for international law; democracy within every country; these are the pillars of a world system far better than the idiocies of the bush-obama doctrines.


Anonymous said...

There is no need to support the USA as it struggles to maintain its dominance over the world system. - right. They are not the Americans of Hollywood, not the international heroes rescuing the oppressed of the world. They have no innate right to pillage other countries, to invade, to impose their culture or economics. Far too often they are the source of conflict. And Harper & Co. are much the same in ideology and their actions reflect it. - 900ft

thwap said...


They're the instigators in the Ukraine. In Syria. In Somalia. In Venezuela. In Iraq.

The great war on terror, the defining struggle of our times, is a revolting concoction that arose from their policies in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.