Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What US-America Needs is a Revolution

Two super-corrupt political parties. Murderous imperialists. Torturers. War criminals. Who are now possessed of the idea that they have the right to arrest people without charges; hold them without evidence; and imprison them forever or kill them, without due process.

Sorry "liberal democrats" but you lost me at "arrest people without charges."

And shameless Wall Street shills. Wall Street banksters committed deliberate, genuine fraud, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, requiring (for them) bail-outs to the tune of trillions of taxpayer dollars. And not one of them was prosecuted. Under Obama. Not even when his party controlled both houses of Congress.

And, beneath the financial sector, both parties are shameless servants of world-destroying fossil fuels industries, of media monopolists, GMO and pharmaceutical pushers, weapons manufacturers; ...

Enforcing it all; defending this system of elite criminality, is an out-of-control, police goon squad. Needle-dicked sadists, tasering people at the slightest provocation. Racist fuckwads shooting black people for kicks.

If you count the people who don't vote and the people who hold their noses when they vote (especially to block an obvious lunatic from the other side winning) you probably have a majority of the population down there who utterly loath their political system.

They should revolt, rather than enable it or stay at home in disgusted resignation.


Anonymous said...

Hey Thwap? Shouldn't the US have read North?

greg said...

I had an off topic question. I realize that the government looks at the websites we go to. Metadata stuff.

Can they look at our e-mails?
I've read that they can look at who we're sending them to but can't read the text.

At any rate, if they know who we're communicating with, that's probably enough.


thwap said...


Almost all your questions are off-topic. I don't think you need to excuse yourself anymore.

I think the government can read your emails.

thwap said...


I think Mexico and Central America need a revolution. I think the USA needs a revolution.

I think there is a fraying thread of a hope that Canadians might be able to reverse corporate-capitalist criminality through the electoral process.

I think (much less than I did 2 years ago) that there is still hope for our system.

A fool's hope?

greg said...

Thanks for all your help.

(I imagine that sounding sarcastic but it wasn't.)

thwap said...


The Mound of Sound said...

Thwap, neoliberalism has taken hold deep in what once were liberal democracies, Canada included. All of our major parties embrace free market capitalism and the illiberal democracy that flows from it. Canada has been stripped of a free press. Our electoral system is freely corrupted. Our government operates in secrecy and excludes the public from accessing their own public service. It's all rigged, a stacked deck and don't count on Trudeau or Mulcair to even Canada's political keel.

Revolt is not optional. We don't have a choice.

thwap said...


So, what's the plan?

greg said...

Okay, I'm sure this has been discussed and maybe it's stupid, but the wacko who did the shooting. Did he know that the ceremonial guards had ceremonial guns? was he hoping the other guy would kill him? I didn't see the video he made. So I'm not sure........anyway

thwap said...

He probably didn't. He was a homeless, drug-addicted, mentally ill person. I doubt he knew those facts. I don't think there was much planning going on at all.

greg said...

We desperately need a tightening up of what constitutes terrorism. At this point, is there even an official Canadian government definition of it? We're building entire bills around this. I guess I need to look into how the definition came about etc.