Saturday, November 1, 2014

stephen harper: COWARD

Boris over at "The Galloping Beaver" says it well:
You and I don't know precisely what went on in the Conservative's caucus room last week. That said, the information we do hvae suggests that when the gunfire was heard, a good number of Tory MPs acted swiftly to barricade the doors and create makeshift weapons to defend against whatever lethal violence might come through them. Gunfire indicates a very real risk to life and those who took action in that room might legitimately be said to to have risked their lives to defend their colleagues. There are few actions we humans hold in higher regard.

However, one prominent MP seems to have found it more convenient to locate himself in a storage cupboard.

Now, it's a perfectly normal and evolutionarily helpful instinct to hide in fear of your life when violence closes in, and I personally cannot fault most people for it. However, most people are not political leaders who have made it their thing to militarise foreign policy and turn an otherwise serviceable peace-creating nation into a "warrior-nation" and deploy military forces on combat missions where they die.  It's this point that sticks in the craw.
For what it's worth, I had a gun pointed straight at my face (from perhaps 3-5 meters away), so I know they're scary. I might have wanted to hide when there had been shots fired in the hallways outside the Chamber. I'm also sure that there were security personnel who were obligated to protect the prime minister (even though that position is occupied by a usurper) and they would have been very insistent that he be taken to a safe place. I might have allowed myself to have been convinced by their insistence.

But then, if I was a guy who had bullied and brow-beaten my cabinet and caucus for a decade, and lied, cheated and stole to get where I am, I think I would have no problem telling those security people to forget about dragging me off to a broom closet.

Justin Trudeau's "slut" of a father (to quote the doughy puss-ball Ezra Levant) ignored his security detail when angry rioters were tossing bottles (and god knows what else might happen sir!) at a St. Jean-Baptist Day parade. He stayed put while many others ran for cover and earned enormous political capital for it. Here was harper's chance to prove himself an equal in courage. And he blew it.

I know one thing for certain; if I had gone into a broom closet while my colleagues faced danger, I would NOT then say "We will not be intimidated." Because, harper, you most definitely WERE intimidated.

Boris continues:
Maybe it's a truism that politicians who send soldiers to die in optional wars end up being found hiding in small spaces when the shooting gets closer to them.
Indeed. It's not hard to read his life as one spent in hiding. Hiding from the Opposition when scandals and coalitions were proposed. Hiding behind the certainty of ideology. Hiding from the press. Hiding from questions in Question Period with his scripted answers. Hiding in the loo at international meetings. Hiding behind a trained voice and rhetoric. Hiding behind an emotionless face. Hiding behind specs that hide the eyes.  Hiding behind the boys in short-pants. Hiding behind the protections of his Office. Hiding behind power.

You know, I don't think we've ever had such an emotionally troubled Prime Minister hiding in plain sight. 
I've pointed out this trait of harper's a few times.

harper senses, in ways that animals sense, that something is wrong. Prolonged exposure to alternative views would eventually bring about a painful, disorienting mental crisis, as his defences cracked and his pitiful world view escaped and dissipated in the wind. Whatever he would become following this is unknown and therefore terrifying.

Here we have one of the primary reasons for harper's contempt for Parliament. It's fear. harper prefers to hide from parliamentary debate, blatantly lie when forced to say something, and hide behind empty platitudes and character assassination of his opponents in lieu of argument. Luckily for him, such mental
 vacuity is more than enough for his cretinous voting base.
There he was. Taking a cheap photo-op with the National Men's Lacrosse Team. As the Globe and Mail titled it: "Lacrosse Trumps Torture." What a fucking putz.

stephen found out in the days before the Governor-General stupidly granted him a prorogation that he's really not all that much of a tough-guy after all. He was so terrified of losing power, and so stressed out from the harsh words from his enraged caucus that he almost started tearing up while giving one of his stream-of-platitude speeches about the deaths of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. (Usually he's able to drone his way through those events without incident, but that time he actually felt some emotion. Too bad it was all about him.)
The big, bad harpercons are shitting bricks. These gutless wonders are pretty good at ordering other people to torture but they run screaming from the room if you ask to see their handling of the Afghan detainee files. harper can't function in the light of day. He's like a vampire except nowadays vampires are supposed to be sexy (pale, porcelain skin and thin from dining on nothing but the blood of the living, as opposed to pink and blotchy and lumpy from dining on the ground-up meat of diseased cows and the fried lard of donughts).
It's so obvious by now that he's a complete coward whenever it comes to accountability. It must be because he knows he's an utter fraud in everything.
Today I only ask if he's so cowardly that he'll resign before having to face the voters in the face of Mike Duffy's revelations of his serial lying to Parliament.
It's one of the sickening puke's most revealing traits; his cowardice. Proroguing Parliament, squeezing out a tepid throne speech, leaving the country the very next day to continue hiding from the Senate scandal, and then ordering a military assault on the First Nations as well.
What a disgusting excuse for a human being.
There's probably other statements to that effect in the archives. The point is that harper's cowardice is so obvious and so extreme that it should be referred to constantly. Just so everybody is forced to deal with it. he runs from everything. And when you're the sort of craven, boot-licking, militarist scum that harper is, you DON'T get to bluster and preen and then hide in a fucking closet while your colleagues face danger. harper should be made to wear this failure. It won't be unfair of anyone to throw this in his face. he's a bully. he's a powerful man with a six-figure income. he was in a room with dozens of other people, some of whom were preparing to barricade the room. All he had to do was stand there and hope for the best. And he failed. And he sends our troops into harm's way, to rain death upon innocent people. To hand farm-boys over to rapist-torturers. And to nickel and dime our soldiers if they return home wounded.

To hell with that gutless coward.


Anonymous said...

Harper called Russia and Putin evil Communists and then, sold Canada to Communist China for, a minimum of 31 years. Harper also still sells arms to Russia.

Jason Kenny and Harper bring over thousands of foreigners for, Harper's oil and gas barons to exploit. They added Bulgaria and Romania to their list, of cheap foreign labor.

Harper has a list of degenerates as long as his arm, to do his dirty work for him. Some are already in prison, others are on their way. Some have been sent to the UK.

Harper does his devious plots behind our backs such as, his Omnibus Bills, selling Canada out to Communist China. Plotting behind our backs, to cheat his elections.

Stonewalling and blocking all the investigations against him. Such as Harper's robo-call election fraud. The senate fiasco where, Mulcair caught Harper in several lies, during Parliament sessions.

Harper is a dictator that has, no scruples, honor, decency, ethics nor morals, what-so-ever.

greg said...

We should interview the cupboard. There are cupboards and then there are cupboards.

I mean, is this like a walk in or just a place to hang coats.

thwap said...

I believe it was a storage closet. Anyway, there was so much piss in there by the end of it that the wainscoting was stained.