Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Whitby-Oshawa and the Ukraine

So, it seems that only 31% of the electorate turned out for the Whitby-Oshawa by-election.

What does that mean?

It means that most voters there, like most voters in the rest of Canada, don't care enough about the harpercons' serial abuses of the fundamentals of theirs and our democracy. Nothing has sunk in. Violation of the principle of responsible government, covering-up of crimes against humanity, contempt of Parliament, .... oh well, you know the drill. Unlike the majority of voters.

It also shows that the opposition parties have done a terrible job of educating the people about the dangers of the harpercons and the necessity of their total destruction.

There should be a daily call for a no-confidence vote against the harpercons, in the same way that Cato the Elder always said "And Carthage must be destroyed."

Now, on to the Ukraine. It appears that the conventional wisdom has settled on believing that Putin is the aggressor. The fact that the EU offered the Ukraine a worse deal than Putin did: down the memory hole. The fact that the new rulers in the Ukraine are gangsters and Nazis who tellingly don't seem concerned with finding out who was shooting and killing demonstrators before their coup? Gone. That Eastern Ukraine's majority is ethnically Russian and that the coup government in Kiev took away their language rights? Gone. That NATO has allowed provinces to vote to unilaterally secede from national governments? Forgotten.

Putin is a kleptocratic thug. But he is not the aggressor here.

And, no matter how often they scream their delusions, these are basically the same sorts of idiots who were obsessed with Saddam Hussein's WMD's over a decade ago. Stupid, deluded, hypocritical criminal scum.

Humanity's only hope is their cowardice. Putin is not Saddam Hussein or Mommar Qaddafi. They're well aware of that fact. They're trying to play a long game, but their resources aren't infinite. And their self-destruction of their own economies and societies mitigates their long-term strategies.


Anonymous said...

Harper called Russia and Putin evil Communists and then, sold Canada to Communist China, as of Oct 1/2014. Seems now, China is financing Putin. Every time Harper shoots his big mouth off at Putin, Russia scoops another huge trade deal with China. Putin laughs at Harper and no wonder he does.

Now that China has Canada, China and Putin will very nicely share, the High Arctic. China can trade Canada's resources with Russia, if the Chinese so choose to do so. China and Putin are likely, laughing all the way to the bank over, Harper's utter stupidity.

Harper the brain dead fool, locked Canada into a 31 year gawd awful FIPPA deal with Communist China.

Putin despises Fascists and out and out called the West Fascists. Putin especially loathes Harper.

Steve said...

What happened to Ukranies 20 tons of Gold?

thwap said...

I wonder too. I think it's being sold-off to keep the price of gold down and the value of the $US steady.

The Ukrainian gov't appears to be totally bought-and-paid-for, mobbed-up fascists.