Tuesday, November 25, 2014

harper government's nuanced views on Nazism

Just when you think these harpercon scum couldn't sink any lower! 

Russian gangster Vladimir Putin, takes advantage of the neo-Nazi orientation of the gangsters running the Ukraine by putting to vote at the United Nations a resolution to combat the glorification of Nazism.

The Ukraine government voted against it because they're nazis. Their excuse though, is that they also suffered under Stalinism. Right. You can't condemn the Nazis without condemning Stalinism. Why not propose a resolution to combat the glorification of communism, or imperialism then?  The real reason, again, is because the Ukraine government is fascist.

Who cares what the criminal Obama administration's excuse is. I loathe all the mewling hypocritical drivel that US Democrats fart out these days.

Canada's government explains its pro-Nazi vote by saying that the resolution conflicts with freedom of expression. They don't have a problem with attacking freedom of expression when it comes to criticism of Israel's crimes against humanity.

(Not surprisingly, the usual gang of idiots at Dawg's, especially Peter1 and MarkyMark, also have "nuanced" views on whether or not the glorification of the Nazis is a bad thing or not.)

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