Saturday, November 15, 2014

It Is Perfectly Fine to Advocate harper's Overthrow

For the zillionth time, the cowardly closet-dwelling stephen harper has placed himself outside the law. This time it's part of his revolting policy of denying health care to refugees.  A federal court ordered harper to restore funding for refugees' health care by November 4th. As of November 13th, they have not done so.
It lost this request: on Oct. 31 the Federal Court of Appeal confirmed that the government had to follow Justice Mactavish’s order beginning last week.
It has not done so. While certain refugee claimants have had their coverage restored, others have not.
Since the 2012 changes creating different levels of coverage for different people became void on Nov. 4, the government has no legal authority to draw these distinctions.
Its public statements that it is following the court’s order are blatantly false.
Contempt of Court. Contempt of Parliament. Election fraud. War crimes. 

It just goes on and on.

Has there ever been a time when veterans' associations campaigned to try to get all members of the military to boycott the government? Especially a Conservative one? How shallow, how disconnected from reality harper must be to show up preening for the cameras at Remembrance Day ceremonies!

harper the coward has no claim on our obedience. If only more Canadians could seize hold of the reality that harper has no legitimacy. Then perhaps we could do something about him. Something other than trusting in our rigged electoral process with our ridiculous voting system and our corrupt Elections Canada looking the other way as harper commits one crime after another.

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