Friday, November 7, 2014

Cowardly stephen harper

I've heard that the latest tax-payer funded installment of "24-7" is mainly his harpership hiding in a dark closet and whining. (I wouldn't know for sure. I haven't watched a single second of a single one of those episodes.)

Last night I was thinking what sort of person would marry something like stephen harper. Maybe, just maybe, stephen harper is like the fictional talk-show side-kick, all-around loser-doofus Hank Kingsley. Maybe the harpster has a massive shlong? (As was revealed in Kingsley's case with an accidently released sex tape):
I don't know. I need more information.

What sort of an idiot would vote for something like harper though?


Really greedy people. Really ignorant people. And really stupid people.

Of course it's possible for someone to be greedy, ignorant and stupid all at the same time. That's where you get Conservative Party MPs!

Or, maybe it's the case that harper is a degenerate of some sort?

I don't know.

All I know is that with his contribution to the appalling disaster of climate-change, and his abuse of the First Nations, and his gleeful participation in mass-slaughter, and his contempt for the very basics of democracy, the man is scum, and any who would associate with him are my enemies.


zoombats said...

I live in fear and dread that there are enough truly stupid people in this country to elect those bastards again! What do we have to do? Insurrection? I guess I'll just leave. But where?

thwap said...


That's the big question isn't it? What to do? How to respond.

I don't advocate moving. There's no place to go. Capitalism is triumphant around the world.

Might as well stay and make the best of it.

Go all out next election though. Do your best to make a harpercon lose.

Anonymous said...

Do your best to make a harpercon lose - yes, partisan preferences aside, this is what is needed. - 900ft

thwap said...

900ft Jesus,

I expect there'll be videos of me getting punched-out by angry harpercon supporters/assholes/ignoramuses in the next election.