Thursday, November 6, 2014

How Do We Change the Culture?

The Repugs have control over both houses of Congress. I don't think there'll be any appreciable differences on economic or foreign policy now, but I do think there'll be a more gung-ho enthusiasm for official racism, ecocide, homophobia and restrictions on abortion rights.

I hear the turn-out for these elections was 38%. And this was partially because there were state elections and local ballot initiatives (like banning fracking) that brought Americans into the polling booths.

So, people don't vote. And why should they vote in the USA? The only parties that are viable are both bought-and-paid for corruption machines.

People not voting is one of the revolutionary tactics of dim-witted anarchist radicals. Supposedly, we all open our eyes to the sham that is our democracy, stop voting, and then everything magically transforms itself for the better and we all live happily ever after.  (Or not. I don't know. I've tried, Lord knows I've tried, to extract something more from these witless fools.)

It's said that if more poor people had voted in Toronto's recent elections, Doug Ford would have beat John Tory. This is sick and wrong. We have a silver-spoon moron, who used to gouge Torontonians (and everyone else) as the CEO of Rogers Telecom, who has a farcical transit plan that requires $1 billion in funny-money in order to be built, as the elite candidate. Then we have a silver-spoon moron, who has enough alleged business skills from his alleged high school has dealing, to run his father's flourishing label business, but who's stint as city councilor was marred by secrecy, bullying, stupidity and ... and he's the choice for the non-rich?

What is to be done? How do we get people to take democracy seriously without at the same time becoming serious partisans for ignorant and stupid beliefs? We need to change the culture. We really do. We really do.


greg said...

Haroon Siddiqui of the Star wrote that the harper constituency were "anti-Islamic bigots". Fantastic.

thwap said...

Well, it's the "girl on the right" and the "small dead animals" crowd that still loves him.