Sunday, November 2, 2014

The "World Community's" Hypocrisy About the Ukraine

Here's a headline from CBC News: "Ukraine rebels hold election despite international outcry." The "international community" in this instance appears to be the USA (the country that funded the fascist coup d'etat in the Ukraine and then recognized the plotters as the legitimate government of the Ukraine), the USA's tame poodles in the EU, and the United Nations, which appears to be only the compliant Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. (I suppose the cowardly boot-licking stephen harper and his boorish foreign minister john baird could also be found crying about this.)

Here's the thing; Putin is a dirty-minded gangster who is oppressing and impoverishing his people. But the mess in the Ukraine is a US-led plot to bend the entire world to its whims. And it failed. And Putin is in no way capable of attacking NATO, but he is quite capable of defending Russia's interests.

The US leadership simply wasn't mature enough for their place in the world. What would be so bad about the USA weakening the dictatorships of Russia and China and forcing them into subservience to a US-led world order?

Just look at the Wall Street banksters and the fossil-fuels frackers, and the criminality and scum who dominate the US system. There's your answer.

The fascist attempt to re-conquer the Russian portion of what had been the Ukraine has failed miserably. Their army was vanquished and the government is even more bankrupt than before. Putin has told the West he's through with playing games and he's completely unconcerned with their bluster and insults.

I think the US elites are so delusional that they'll bring on a war with Russia and China as they maniacally attempt to preserve the world domination they truly believe is theirs by divine right.


Anonymous said...

The sickest part of your comment is that the 'murkans will probably start a real serious world war with Russia and China because they are, even now, starting to dump their petro-dollars in favor of their and other currencies and if that happens, the u.s. is sunk and they know it and they are terrified of that eventuality. Poor, stupid Canadians that are buying into the "terrist" rhetoric of witless mutants like harpie, baird and the editorial staff of the sun. Too pathetic to see what's behind all this yammering hype is only another grab at a permanent majority so they can further ruin Canada's economy and world standing.
Gawd help us!

thwap said...

Yep. The USA is still on top, but now they've got Europe, Japan, China and India to deal with. It's too much. It seems they're having to leave-off dominating Latin America, to focus on the oil issue. The oil/$US issues. The wild-card of Israel.

It's not looking very good for world peace right now.