Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Baird Shouldn't Go

From the CBC: "Baird invited to 'make or break' meeting on Syria at Davos"
Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has been invited to a high-level meeting this week about the future of Syria —  one that could include his Iranian counterpart.
Norway is hosting the meeting, billed as a 'make-or-break' discussion, on the margins of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Friday.
Invitees include senior political figures from Iraq, Jordan, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and the League of Arab States.
A copy of an internal memo obtained by The Canadian Press, stamped "strictly confidential," says that half the Syrian population — some 9.5 million people — have been forced from their homes.
The internal violence that erupted in Syria in March 2011 has left an estimated 220,000 dead.
There's a lot of quotes from third-party foreign affairs critic Marc Garneau (nothing from the official opposition strangely) saying that Baird must go or it's an abdication of Canada's responsibilities in the world.

I suppose it's good tactics to insist that Baird go or he's irresponsibly ignoring an opportunity for peace. But it's also pretty clear that sending a racist  buffoon like Baird to such a serious discussion is worse than a waste of time. At least the scum-bags from France, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the rest, have the potential to take this issue seriously. You know, the Saudis might say; "This might just blow-up in our faces. Maybe we should stop supporting these maniacs." (It's doubtful, but you never know.)
But to send an idiot like John Baird? A complete waste of time.


"A Complete Waste of Time" - - - That about sums up Baird's whole existence.


lungta said...

for some very influential people out there
john baird is the only impression of canada they have
he does represent harper perfectly

thwap said...

It's getting to the point though, that a majority of Canadians are indifferent to the fact that an ignorant asswipe like Baird is representing them on the world stage.

Anonymous said...

What else does Harper have left to send, other than Baird? Harper is just as bad as Baird. Both of them embarrass the hell out of us, as most of Harper's henchman do.

thwap said...


Oh yeah. They're all disgraceful. None of them should go. We should retire from world affairs until the harpercons are gone.

(Which could be a long time.)

greg said...

Here's one on topic. Maybe we should be asking why the Liberals are mute on the middle east. "Both sides need to sit down" type talk is useless. I'll look up what the Lib's official position is on this.

thwap said...

The Liberals' rhetoric is, I think, very similar to that of US Democrats, in that they hope for peace and hope for signs from "both sides" that the violence decreases, even if most of it is the fault of the Palestinians.

The difference is that the Liberals' rhetoric is not as extremely cynical and hypocritical as their US counterparts.

The NDP under Mulcair has become sickeningly similar. There's been some push-back against the man's disgusting and cretinous zionism, but not enough.