Sunday, January 25, 2015

Gettin' "Radicalized" ...

Apparently there's a scene in the film "American Sniper" where lunk-headed, budding psychopath, fabulist, Chris Kyle watches the Twin Towers fall down on 9-11, and this "radicalizes" him into going to Iraq to murder people who had nothing to do with 9-11.

This is the okay form of getting "radicalized."

Sometimes people go on the internet and they get "self-radicalized." No stranger on the street approaches them who turns out to be a Christian cleric or a military recruiter to use sophisticated "radicalizing" techniques to turn them into cold-blooded killers. It's just the mysterious power of the internet, or the "information super-highway" as the hipsters are calling it, ... Well, maybe it's not so mysterious.

There's just web page after web page about how "Islamists" hate the poor, poor Israelis. And they're always shooting at each other. And their religion is vile. And they treat their women like shit and don't let us see their tits and asses. And they don't like bacon. (And that's like, fucking crazy.)
And they hate America. And they hate freedom. And they're trying to take over Europe. "Gates of Vienna" anyone? Just like Latinos are attempting a "re-Conquista" of the South-West United States by sneaking over the border to get jobs as maids, seamstresses, general labour, janitors. It's a long-term struggle. You gotta think long-term. Big picture. The sort of big-picture that only deluded, racist conspiracy theorists can provide. They're only pretending that neo-liberalism wrecked their economies and forced them north to find jobs so they wouldn't starve. Check it out!!! Latinos are on the dusky side. And so are Arabs! They're practically indistinguishable from each other. So, what happens is that these Arab guys are sent over to Mexico by their Saudi paymasters see, ... and they have sex with these hot Latino mommas, ... who like, totally look like Jennifer Lopez or Sofia Vergara, ... and they impregnate them all with terror-babies who grow-up all diseased because of the conditions in the barrio, ... and they send 'em over the border where libtard bleeding-hearts scream and wail to let them stay and they give us all Ebola.

Where was I?

Oh yeah; getting "self-radicalized" on the internet.

Isn't there a certain kind of person who sees getting a gun as a sensible way to respond to international events? Sometimes, they're psychopathic self-labeled "Christians" like the revolting Chris Kyle. Sometimes they're psychopathic self-labeled "Muslims" like Osama bin Laden.

Depending on your delusions, you'll either get on the internet and become obsessed with the crimes and atrocities of Muslim terrorists, or you'll get "radicalized" by the vast, decades-long campaign of murder and terror on the part of the USA in the Middle East (and elsewhere).

What I find idiotic are these "terrorism experts" who drone pompously about the "radicalization" phenomenon of Islamic fundamentalists, while they and the newscasters ignore the elephant in the room of the "radicalization" on their team. The whole thing is really sad.
I'm thinking these pictures really jazz-up the site. (Until the original url's are taken down anyway.)

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