Saturday, January 31, 2015

OMFG: "They hate us for our freedoms" in 2015?????

Not being a deluded, right-wing shit-for-brains, I was at first naturally taken aback by stephen harper's recent outburst about the source of the "violent jihadism" that's threatening every single Canadian:
Canadians, he said, "are targeted by these terrorists for no other reason than that we are Canadians. They want to harm us because they hate our society and the values it represents."
I thought; Seriously? "They hate us for our freedoms"???? You're playing that bullshit meme now? Today?? In 2015?? As David Cross said back in 2001: "Are we a nation of six-year olds??"

But, upon reflection, harper's insane babbling isn't all that surprising. In fact, it fits in fine with yesterday's post. harper's voting base believe in all of their party's stupid shittery whole-heartedly, and harper is only fractionally smarter than they are. The brazen lying, hypocrisy, etc., comes so easily to harper because part of him actually buys it.

harper continued to make an ass of himself. Conflating the genuine concerns for freedom and human rights that sane, not-stupid people have (the same freedom and human rights that he is running roughshod over) with some nonsensical right to "violent jihadism."
Violent jihadism "is not a human right," Harper stressed. "It is an act of war, and our government's new legislation fully understands that difference."
Take THAT you liberal dhimmis!!!!

It's all so perfect isn't it? The Great Bullshit War on Terror. It's a product almost entirely of their own making. US ally Saudi Arabia (and other assorted Arab dictatorships) get to fund and arm fundamentalist nut-bar terrorists. The CIA gives them places to play (Afghanistan, Libya, Syria). Occasionally some of them "go rogue" (Osama bin Laden, ISIS) and badda-bing! badda-boom! You have the great cause of our generation. The great battle of our time. A war of civilizations. The scourge of radical Islamicism.

And pants-pissing racist cowards (no, not stephen harper, but his fan-boys and enablers) vent and vent about the Muslim menace among us. And Muslims and Arabs are harassed and abused. And atrocities are committed against them and these same racists and fuckheads and anti-democratic thugs laugh and cheer and hoot and holler. Psychopathic murderers like the cretinous Chris Kyle are elevated to hero status. And, as a RESULT of all of this, we get the occasional individuals (usually marginal, low-functioning types) who decide to wage "jihad" against the oppressors. And this makes a low-life scum like stephen harper very happy (except when those marginalized desperadoes act-out in close proximity to him) because he then gets to ramp-up his assault on civil liberties and basic democracy s'more.

Because, don't you just know, ALL OF THIS is really about suppressing genuine dissent against capitalist theft. That's what the GBWT is all about. Theft of oil resources. Theft of Palestinian land. Theft of national autonomy. Theft of our jobs. Theft our our rights. Theft of our incomes. Theft of our futures.

The criminality and theft on Wall Street (and Bay Street) are intrinsically connected to the GBWT. Obama and harper and David Cameron, etc., etc., ad nauseaum, are carrying out different orders from the same masters.

It's true though, that being an idiot, stephen harper probably honestly believes that opposition to capitalism is akin to opposition to all that is good and true and right.  So it's therefore internally consistent that he make terrorism and anti-capitalism the same thing. All the better to justify these bullshit laws of his to try to stifle both.

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