Friday, January 16, 2015

USA and Allies' Support for Fundamentalist Extremists

So, the first stage of getting a majority of Canadians to turn against the Great Bullshit War on Terror (GBWT) is to point out the important fact that Saudi Arabia, the USA's main ally in the Middle East (after Israel) funds extremist groups and that the USA employs them to destabilize countries with governments that imagine they can enjoy some form of autonomy.

Because, if you're told that "There's a war on fella', ... some evil-doers are out to destroy your whole way of life, ... and they don't respect borders or laws of war, or anything, and they use our protections and democratic safeguards and constitutional rights as cover for their murderous conspiracies, and they could be anywhere, so we have to monitor your internet activity, and follow you all over the place, and access your banking information, with no justification and no oversight, because who knows who is aiding terrorism, ... oh yeah, watch what you say and what you think, because who knows if you're just a malcontent, ... maybe you're in line with them!"

And then it turns out that the governments giving you that song and dance are actually allies with the governments that fund these terrorist groups and that these groups are given chances to destabilize other governments and acquire more training and weapons and treasure and power-bases, .... well, wouldn't you start to feel like you've been had? Like you're being played for a goddamned chump?

i know I sure would.

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