Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ontario Liberals Take Another Cue From harpercons

Gotta hand it to those Ontario Liberals! First, Dalton McGuinty blows around $750 MILLION of OUR money to save the political careers of two of his MPPs. Then, not wanting to own up to this fact, he refuses the will of the majority in the legislature to turn over the records that provided the people's representatives with the accounting of his partisan extravagance.

In this, McGuinty was only taking a page of out of stephen harper's playbook. There are now TWO first ministers in the history of the Westminster system of parliamentary government found to have been in contempt of a legislature. And they're BOTH in Canada. (A "Canadian First" that can probably be blamed on our proximity to the super-corrupt, mindless pantomime that passes for "democracy" in the United States of America.)

No, McGuinty's successor, Kathleen Wynne, has replicated one of harper's earlier acts of criminal scuzzery on the national stage. In trying to bribe former Liberal candidate Andrew Olivier to step aside so that the party could run a NDP turncoat in a Sudbury by-election, Wynne is behaving similarly to harper when he tried to bribe  independent MP Chuck Cadman to vote against a budget and thereby defeat Paul Martin's minority Liberal government.

Both actions are brazen criminal acts and both should result in jail sentences for all concerned. But this is Canada and the law is for little people.

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