Saturday, January 3, 2015

stephen harper: Canada's once, and future COWARD!

stephen harper woke up in a panic. This was not unusual. (Or, as George Orwell would put it: "This was usual.") What if somebody, somewhere, discovered evidence of one of his many violations of the criminal code and went public about it?

What if the mass of cretinous backbench Conservative MP's got frustrated with his cowardly, dictatorial ways and rebelled against him?

What if CSIS came to him with a genuine, bona-fide terrorist threat, rather than all the silly bullshit they're usually fixated on.

What if ...?

At that moment, another of stephen harper's fears came true and he defecated in his silk pajamas out of fear.

Happily, Laureen hadn't spent the night at Sussex Drive again, and stephen harper had time to clean up his mess before anyone was the wiser. OR SO HE THOUGHT!!! The silly fool had cleaned up the bed clothes and his p.j.'s. But he'd been walking around naked with a shit-smeared ass for so long that he'd gotten used to it.

He got dressed and ate breakfast thinking the stench following him around was a vestigial memory. It wasn't until he got into his limousine that he realized the horrible truth.


e.a.f. said...

now that was funny! a nice new take on the emperor has not cloths.

thwap said...

Well, he's such a fucking sick joke, that it's easy.

greg said...

trouble leaving a comment the last time. Thought I needed a google account.

greg said...

You'd think they could put a gun on a plane . It will take several years, apparently, to write the software to shoot the thing. Never heard so much take your car in for an oil change and then they say it'll cost five hundred because it's special clamp that needs to be ordered from Germany and it'll take five weeks. They've had targeting software for decades. The guy who fixes my computer could probably do it in two days for fifty dollars an hour.

thwap said...

I have a mechanic who does estimates.

They're verbal assurances.

No. You can't get a break-down of the costs for work on your own car.

He says it will only cost $75.

Then you hear from the supplier that it will actually cost $225. Labour not included. Minimum.

I don't think I'll change mechanics. I'm a Conservative after all.