Monday, January 5, 2015

Tax Revolt: An Idea Anti-harper Canadians Could Have Gotten Behind?

In a recent comment at someone else's blog, it occurred to me that those democratically-minded Canadians who are sickened by the idea of having a government led by a guy who has contempt for Parliament (you know, the place that writes our laws), and who openly supports lying to Parliament and cheating to win elections (and who cheated to win his last election, might deal with their sickness by refusing to pay their taxes.

If it got widespread enough, even merchants would have to deal with the masses of people refusing to pay the HST (especially in Ontario where those asshole Liberals blew at least half-a-billion dollars of OUR money in order to protect the seats of two of THEIR members and then tried to cover it up), and either pay it themselves or, if they believe in what little democracy there is in Canada, to likewise refuse to pay it.

Remember, harper is not a democratic politician. He's a lying, cheating, cowardly thug.

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