Friday, January 30, 2015

harper Wants to Create More Damaged Veterans (so he can ignore them too)

... like all the wounded, maimed, PTSD'd veterans of Chretien, Martin and his own folllies in Afghanistan.

I think I got this idea from Sooey this morning. But the inklings of harper's brazen hypocrisy and cynicism must have been hovering around inside my skull before that.

How does he get away with it? Because, obviously, right-wing voters are stupid, ignorant, hypocritical, ideological partisans with short memories who don't even notice that they simultaneously hold contradictory positions on the issues.

Why does harper do it? First of all, because (aside from his cunning and his luck in his adversaries) he's a right-wing idiot himself. he is probably only dimly aware that while he's puffing up his chest as a great warrior-leader, he himself had been cowering in a closet from a gunman only a few short months ago. (Leaving the cretinous Michelle Rempel to wonder where her great protector had gotten to, as he'd abandoned both her and her fellow Conservative Party swine.) harper is likewise probably only dimly aware of the way he's betrayed and abused the veterans injured in the futile "War on Terror" and the propping-up of the super-corrupt Afghanistan dictatorship.

Secondly, there's the fact that harper is a total slime-ball. A mean, despicable, dishonest, amoral, vain and shallow piece-of-shit. When he has a sense of his monumental hypocrisy and his cruelty towards wounded veterans, it gives him a little thrill.

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