Friday, January 2, 2015

Prepare For the Apocalypse

A while ago I posted about the absurdity of basing our future opposition to harper on an electoral process that he has abused and debased:
Imagine if you lost a fair chunk of change at a neighbourhood poker game. To the asshole neighbour who nobody really likes. The guy who blatantly lies to your face about pretty much everything. Then it starts to turn out that there's a marked card.

"It's not a marked card! It's an old deck and shit happens!" The asshole claims.

(Last card game, he swiped poker chips from players sitting beside him. Then he claims he legitimately thought they were his and they'd just been accidentally pushed away from him. He swore up and down that that's what happened but he eventually gave the chips back saying he'd "agree to disagree" as to who they belonged to and how he got hold of them.)

Then, more and more cards turn out to be marked. "My kids must've been fucking with them!"
Anyway, you get the picture.

What do you think? Should we let the guy keep his "winnings"?
Alas! Alack! Despite all our brave words and fiery rhetoric, this appears to be the strategy Canadian progressives, democrats of all stripes and anti-harperites in general have decided upon. In spite of the fact that the Boy Blunder, Pierre-"Mommy! My nappy needs changing!" - Poilieverre's Elections Corruption Encouragement Act has now made it easier for harper to cheat.

Our opposition parties haven't even gotten it through their thick skulls that harper is their main opponent! What a shambles! What a farce!

So, if we're this incompetent when it comes to confronting an obvious criminal (who happens to be a miserable coward to boot!), how much more unattainable is any hope of forcing our elites to deal with climate change.

I read at that the environmentalists were winning because, as a result of their protests, investment in the Tar Sands was down by something like 20%. Turns out it's more likely that Saudi Arabia is letting the price of oil fall below the Tar Sands' production costs as part of a campaign to devastate the oil-based economies of Russia, Venezuela and Iran, and to devastate the emergent sector rival of "fracking" (which it would be a good thing if the Saudis destroyed).

When talking with the whiners and the deluded on EnMasse about the Left's inability to peacefully (or otherwise) produce anything as revolutionarily transformative as the World Wars and the Great Depression, the Marxist-Catholic "Fidel" made some good points and I concluded by saying that perhaps the best we can do, perhaps, is to continue to try to tell the truth about the world as we see it, educate people as to the true source of their sufferings, and prepare our strategies for the coming apocalypse of ecological and economic collapse that our elites are bringing down upon us all:
If we're going to fight the good fight as an example to the young, the best we can do then is tell the truth about where the few benefits they enjoy came from, point the blame for their loss to the proper parties, admit our impotence (?) and prepare them for the deluge.
A belated Happy New Year to you all!

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