Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Can We Not Agree That the USA Has Made the Middle East an Inferno of Misery & Despair?

Imagine if the Russians, in 2001, had invaded Afghanistan. (They did invade in 1979, the same way the USA invaded South Vietnam. They were invited in by a puppet-government.) Then they invaded Iraq in 2003. The whole time they were backing Israel, including those times when that racist country carpet-bombed civilians. Then they enabled the same fundamentalist nut-jobs they were fighting in Iraq to overthrow Qaddafi and plunge Libya into bloody chaos, and to start a civil war against Assad in Syria that has killed 250,000 people and added to the area's millions of refugees. And then that war spread, destabilizing Iraq, which stood on the verge of splitting apart.

Just close your eyes and imagine how the shameless propagandist hacks would be discussing the state of the Middle East if it was the fault of the Russians.

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