Monday, January 19, 2015

Palestine, Road Map to Nowhere and the Egging of Baird

I've been reading Tanya Reinhart's The Road Map to Nowhere lately. It's about the cynical dithering and posturing and continued theft of Palestinian land during the bush II - Ariel Sharon era.
Read it. And try to put yourself in the place of a Palestinian under the conditions described in the book. It's a horrifying read, made worse by the knowledge that our own society has degenerated to the point where almost half of Canada (and all of our political elites) are now completely okay with the deliberate carpet-bombing of innocent civilians.

One would have to be either a complete ignoramus, frighteningly deluded, or a gutter-level racist to be a supporter of Israel's brutalization of the Palestinian people. Speaking of ignorant, deluded racists, our Minister for Canada's International Disgrace, John Baird was egged by Palestinian protesters while visiting Ramallah as part of some pointless trip to the region.
Photo Credit: National Post

I can only pause and reflect in awe at the enormous patience of the Palestinian people in the face of such a provocation as the presence of the racist apologist for mass-murder, John Baird.


greg said...

Okay, wanted to get this straightened out, or forgot the last time I asked. Israel and every supporter keeps repeating "Israel has the right to exist" Is Hamas saying they don't? I imagine that Hamas would I love to hammer out some kind of deal. I would like to read some interviews with the Hamas government. Is there a news source or website for this? Thanks again.

thwap said...


Basically, some of their representatives say they'll abide by the PLO's recognition of Israel, without Hamas itself recognizing Israel. Hamas's leadership says it will never recognize Israel.