Friday, June 1, 2007


"Proud to be a cowardly, unCanadian Licker of fascist failure g.w.bush's ass-crack" Joel Johansenn ... (don't even think about leaving a comment, ... the stupid dipshit has disabled his site's 'comments' tool, probably because he was exhausted crying himself to sleep over insults about the garbage he types) ... doesn't have the minimal human decency to accept the conclusions of the Ipperwash Inquiry's Final Report, that the feds, Harris, and the OPP are to blame for the tragedy of Dudley George's murder and all the rest of the sufferings at Ipperwash.

No, "Joel - steal my home please - Johansenn" says that the First Nations activists who took back their land after FIVE DECADES of obstructionism and prevarication by the feds, are also to blame, but "liberal" judges are incapable of admitting this crucial truth.

Whatever. Joel's a racist moron, with zero staying-power. He shot his load of rancid semen onto his blog and moved on to befoul more bandwidth over some other topic.

I happened to pick up on Joel's idiocy on sda, run by KKKanada's KKKlanswoman, KKKate Mcmullen. I wanted to see how that nest of vermin responded to this slamming indictment of these incredibly insensitive and cruel governments, and moron Mike Harris's thuggish stupidity in particular.

I shouldn't have looked. And I'm not going to link to that hateful stew of puss. But I did remark as to how loathsome I found them all, and that produced another barrage of filth from the scum as they responded to my contempt with further evidence of their racism, their stupidity, their sheer hatefullness.

"Warwick" told me to play in traffic for about the tenth time in the short amount of interaction that I've had with the dunce.

Suffice to say, when they're not making asses of themselves discovering rusting cannisters of inert gasses in Iraq, cheering on cowardly warmongering politicians for leaving Canadian soldiers to die in Afghanistan and praying that they could also be sent to die in Iraq, calling for their own economic extermination, and etc., etc., ... these people are siding with the murderers of unarmed protestors and shrieking how much they'd love it if the government stole their land out from under them. They'd never do anything untoward to get it back, even after 50 years. Hey! Human rights are for wussies.

What contemptible filth. Thank whatever that their political moment has passed.


Anonymous said...

Question for you. My ancestral land was forcibly taken from my ancestors. Some were put to death trying to defend it. Would it be alright for me to back to the Ukraine, get into a bus and drive it at the Ukrainian police in protest? Would you ride in the passenger seat with me?

thwap said...

I've heard this nonsense before. Why don't you think for maybe two seconds about your little example, hmmm?

Canada assumed the obligations of the British, and since 1867 has been a continuous sovereign entity.

This is as opposed to whichever regime you say took your ancestral lands in the Ukraine. It's much more difficult to hold to account a regime that has no connection to the past one that you have a grievance with.

A lot of those regimes made no pretence of respecting the laws of previous ones, whereas Canada claims in the Constitution Act of 1982 that all previous treaties between it and the First Nations are recognized and upheld.

As such, it has a duty, a legal, constitutional duty, to respect the rights of First Nations peoples to their lands.

The Stoney-Point lands were taken in 1942 and the federal government at the time promised to return them after the war, and did not for five decades.

Whatever pissy "violence" the wussies and morons on SDA imagine that the Natives engaged in at Ipperwash was by any stretch of the imagination, quite mild and quite justified.

Unless they're just the type to roll over and ask for a bigger baseball bat to ream them when the government oppresses them, they really ought to be supporting the First Nations activists at Ipperwash for standing up for what is theirs, standing up to a government that claims to be law-abiding and just.

Your comparison is simply inappropriate, and even if it were appropriate, it in no way justifies the disgusting racism exhibited by those monsters.