Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hit Them When They're Down

Part of me thinks that as the bush II regime staggers to its end, as everything it's touched that turned to shit begins to dry out and crumble under its own weight, that when it comes to that moron's moronic supporters, the idiots who have been proven wrong time and time again, that perhaps what we should do is just ignore them, and concentrate on more productive things.

But ignoring people because they're fools, while sensible in most circumstances, is not the wisest course when the fools have power. We ignored these people before (I certainly did) and look at how low our political culture has sunk. Stephen Harper, who would have had us in Iraq if he'd been in power at the time, would have been telling Canadians that they need to "stay the course" at this very moment. Instead, he got to increase our presence in Afghanistan, propping up an increasingly unpopular government. A government being made increasingly unpopular in part due to the brutality of its NATO defenders.

This madness hasn't run its course yet in Canada, as it sputters and gasps in the United States. We must attack the American right-wing imbeciles and revel and gloat in their embarrassments, while at the same time, pointing out to the undecided the tragic effects of the right-wing's monstrous incompetence. And we must continue to hammer away at the continued stupidities and brazen lies of the Stephen Harper government.

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