Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cold Harper

I don't get a lot of hoots out of Impolitical's blog, due to her intense loyalty to the Liberal Party of Canada which I positively loathe. However, Liberals are good for a smarter trashing of "Conservative" governments than "Conservatives" are good for trashings of Liberal governments, and I have to credit her with presenting this clip to the world:

"Harper 'reacts' to a supporter fainting"

Watch it before reading the rest of my post. [SPOILER ALERT!!!]

That must've been some speech. At the beginning I wasn't sure which of those poor young shlubs was going to be the fainter. But watch as Harper responds when he finally notices that something happened behind him. I have to point out that he doesn't make the slightest effort to enquire as to whether the young person is alright. He doesn't even make a move in that direction. He does absolutely nothing.

Now, ponder at my brilliance and perspicacity from an earlier entry of mine describing the dead moral centre of Stephen Harper:

Somebody on babble once referred to Harper as a "dead-eyed cipher." And I have to agree, in some pictures, Harper appears to have the eyes of a corpse. They just sort of stare, coldly, blankly, thinking of nothing at all, whilst his body uncomfortably wobbles around in some inappropriate cowboy vest or flak jacket.

Like his eyes, Harper doesn't seem to care about very much. It's like he's going through the motions, or some sort of "process" (like decaying).


I don't think Harper particularly gives a shit about Israel, one way or the other. That's for the fundamentalist nutbars like Stockwell Day and his US-American counterparts among the religious right. Israel is just a political symbol for Harper. I'm not sure that it's within him to understand how this works deep down, .... he just knows that it works. It helps him by giving him red meat to throw at his political supporters ... who he doesn't care about either. And this is all to help him get and keep power in Canada, a country which he also doesn't give a shit about.


Walks With Coffee said...

"There is no future in Harpernomics"

He will let you fall and not care.



thwap said...

Yeah, he just don't care.