Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Conservative Atrocities = Easy Blogging

I was just thinking that it was so easy to write about US politics because the issues are so extremely stark and black and white and gargantuan. Plus the US-left, miniscule in political power in their own country though they are, are numerically bigger than the Canadian left, and there's lots more detailed analysis of that political system. But the main thing is that US politics, from the drowning and ethnic cleansing of New Orleans, to the blatant lies and brutality of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, to the stupidity and fanaticism of the Republicans, to the spinelessness and corruption of the Democrats, is so obviously about right and wrong, intelligent and stupid, that you can almost comment on it your sleep and still make sense. (Unless you're a "conservative" for whom everything is extraordinarily difficult and for whom most things end in miserable failure.)

But during the past few days, Canadian federal politics has taken on the same entertaining relentlessness. This is high drama, broadly painted, about important issues. If I had the time, I might have posted several posts a day. The important difference here is that it looks like the good guys (well, the least-bad guys) n' gals are going to win. Because this is Canada and our political system just isn't as fucked-over by corporate filth as is the US-American system.


Beijing York said...

Speaking of corporate filth, the media is starting to dump on Harper. They seem furious with him but are desperate to find reasons to support/prop up a Conservative minority.

No more crap about needing a steady hand to steer us through rough economic waters. No more bullshit about how great it is to have an Economist as PM. Harper blew it big with that flaccid and highly partisan economic update.

Unfortunately, they just can't bring themselves to embrace the Three Amigos (Not A Leader, A Socialist and A Separatist).

thwap said...

Y'know, I get a real laugh outta these airheads shrieking about the damage a socialist could do to the economy.

Their whole deregulated financial sector and business-friendly corporate politicians have screwed the pooch after almost three decades of right-wing ascendancy, and we still have to hear how "socialism" is the road to ruin.

Mark my words, if this coalition gets power it'll be the best thing that could have possibly happened.

Thank-you Stephen Harper for falling from power so that the grown-ups could take over!