Thursday, December 4, 2008

How I Respond to the G-G's Stupid Decision Were I as Stupid as a Blogging Tory


Seriously, she had no write to make that decision!!!

We have a separtion of powers and the LEGISLATURE GETST O make all the decisions!!!

This is all the work of those DIRTY FUCKING WESTERNERS!!! haPRER has made us a hv-not provence, ... AND I HATE people like him, sewing up regional animostities!!

Michell-jean: Sounds FRENCH tom me! No wonder she just surrendered!!!!

and so on, and such forth.

This was a stupid decision. But it was constitutionally legal. Therefore, I'm going to have to accept it. It was constitutionally legal, but it was constitutionally ridiculous. Since when does a government get to have a "do-over" after such a fuck-up? December 4th, 2008.

I was going to be so proud of Canada's political system. But we tolerate anti-democratic bullies as much as they do in the USA I guess. This could have been the last-gasp of Rovian stupidity in North America. Alas, Harper gets to fight another day. The fat, evil piece of shit.


Greg said...

Spelling mistakes: Check
All Caps: Check
Excessive Exclamation Marks: Check

You forgot to make aspersions as to your opponent's sexuality, penis size and religion.

thwap said...

D'oh! My bad! (good?)