Friday, December 5, 2008

Let Harper Govern?

At first, I thought that if the G-G actually does the inexplicable and give Harper a prorogation simply to allow things to "cool-off" that things would in fact, cool-off, and the moment would be lost. He'd bring down a budget full of goodies, public memory of what an insufferable, immature, incompetent ass he'd been in November, 2008 wouldn't be as fresh, and wavering members of today's coalition would call for cooperation.

Then, after reading the principled determination of my fellow progressive and lefty bloggers, I started to think that dammit, our cause is just, it is legitimate, and the Canadian people might come over to our side, and even if they don't, it is the right of the majority in parliament to withhold its confidence, regardless of what the cynical, ignorant and deluded say.

But after reading about this EKOS poll on the CBC, I'm once again leaning towards just saying "fuck it." Let harpo keep his office. Let him hold on to power. Let him forget the humility that he's temporarily learned this week as he instead becomes capitavated with the mental image of how he managed to extricate himself from a crisis (which he'll forget was entirely of his own making). More importantly; let him govern Canada in what might be one of the worst recessions in decades. Let Flaherty, or whatever other talentless, brainless hack the harpocons puke up as finance minister, implement all of their discredited, anti-human economic policies. Let all those ignorant, confused Canadians (especially the aggrieved pioneers in the oil patch) suffer under the incompetent hand of their heroic harpo. Meanwhile, the opposition can abstain, malinger, yawn while in the House of Commons, and just say that they're following Michelle-Jean's instructions for the opposition. "Cooperate." "Play nice." "Give him another chance." ad nauseum.

If so many people are so clueless about how their government works and about how braindead "conservatism" is as a political philosophy, perhaps they need to be smashed over the head with reality?


That guy said...

Didn't we just leave this party?

thwap said...

I'm sorry. I'm a little dense. I honestly don't understand your comment.

That guy said...

I mean, haven't we already suffered through the failures of conservative government enough? It's amazing to me that we seem to have to learn the same lesson over and over and over again.

thwap said...

I'd have thought three decades of growing poverty, and this financial crisis, the abominable mission in Afghanistan, and all of it would have sworn people off "conservatism," but, alas, here we are.

As I said elsewhere, maybe we could give these morons their own planet or something.

Mark said...
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Mark said...

Heh. I think the one lesson all four parties should have learned is this: just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do something.

Lindsay Stewart said...

i'm with you on this one thwap. harper has his "victory" let him savour it, suckle it and clutch it to his ample bosom. in the mean time, the liberals will pick a dismal failure to replace their dismal failure and the dippers will... carry on, i suppose. afraid i don't see much in the way of shining lights at the end of this tunnel.

wv: repholo seems appropriate!

thwap said...


I don't see how this applies to the opposition. They saw a disastrous economic statement accompanied by a small-minded petty attack on their financial survival and they did what they were supposed to do.


It looks really fucking grim.