Friday, December 11, 2009

Canuck Konstitutional Kryzezz and Tiger Woods

I've been absorbing the day's events. But I gotta hand it to the CBC. When I checked in to get the latest news and analysis of this dramatic forcing of the question of the competing powers of our various, ancient branches of government, ... what do my eyes behold as the lead story on the CBC news website??

Something about Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods is a US-American golfer of multi-ethnic origins. He used to be the most skillful/luckiest golfer in the world for a number of years. He's a nice-looking young man, rich and famous. He married a super-model. He's had sex with numerous other women apparently. His super-model wife is pissed.

Big, fucking, deal.

I am seriously appalled.

Kady O'Malley is a valuable Canadian.


Sir Francis said...

I can literally picture the CBC's editorial team scratching their heads over that one. "Hmm. Damn! What to lead with? Stephen Harper's massive affront to Parliament, or the latest bottle-blonde bimbo cocktail waitress alleging an intimate encounter with Tiger Woods' nine-iron in an alley behind a Las Vegas Chuck E. Cheese? Bah. Fuck the boring political crap. Let's go with Woods' woody".

Pathetic. Our media have never been more trivial. We can pretty much rest assured that if Rick Hillier and JTF2 ever attempt a coup on the same day that Lindsay Lohan once again gets tossed into the drunk tank, we'll see huge colour pictures of Lohan curled foetally in a puddle of her own vomit on the front page of every metro newspaper with the announcement of Hillier's imposition of martial law relegated to the end of the Classifieds, nestled snugly among the escort and adult massage ads.

thwap said...

Exactly. They should have had multiple stories about this. Woods shouldn't have even been on the front page. Or at least it should have down near the bottom under "Entertainment/Lifestyle" or (perhaps) "Sports."

Anonymous said...

Hey - Ottawa Sun (read on the lunch table at work) The three top stories:

3) Bomb in Baghdad kills 129

2) McKay denies Canadian involved in torture

and the big one, the top story of the day:

1) Ottawa preacher relieved - not found to be the 'worst driver in Canada'.

HUH? as in Eh? or possibly WDF?

Is this a newspaper or an advertizing flyer?

What an insult to the 129 dead in Iraq, what a slam to our troops when protestation of their innocent (even if it is dissembling.) is of less import than some game show owned by a broken media (once) giant.

No wonder newspaper chains are tumbling everywhere.

thwap said...

They're damned good at pissing off the minority that reads.

BTW: Went to the Globe & Mail online and Tiger Woods was their top story too.

no_blah_blah_blah said...

On the BBC webpage, the following three are listed as being the most read (as of right now, anyway):

3) "CIA cancels Blackwater contract"

2) "Copenhagen rally leads to arrests"

1) "Gillette to 'limit' Wood's role"

It's a chicken and egg cycle: the media has been so busy pushing random celebrity-related crap that people are now accustomed to reading about celebrity gossip. This encourages the media to keep a high priority on celebrity gossip. Ad infinitum.

no_blah_blah_blah said...

I should also add that the Blackwater contract cancellation is just referring to the loading of drone missiles. The article name listed on the BBC has already been highly exaggerated given the wording, and it still isn't a match for more news about an adulterous golfer.

thwap said...

That's one of the problems with a capitalist media system (or with having a public broadcaster forced to ape them): Journalism institutions seeking mainly to titillate the lowest common denominator rather than to inform and engage.

And I say that as one who enjoys porno and movies like "Something About Mary."

Sir Francis said...

And I say that as one who enjoys porno and movies like "Something About Mary."

Fine. But you don't see Blockbuster stocking Weapons of Ass Destruction IV in the "Classics" section. It's not too much to ask for our media to proceed according to a similar sense of priorities.